What is Telehealth?

Have you heard of telehealth?

This is a new movement within the health and wellness field that is taking off! Why? Because you can meet your health needs from the comfort of your own home… no commute… no risking someone seeing you walk in and asking questions… no need for a babysitter… no needing to change from your comfy clothes… no need to drag your child to a place they are not willing to go… no need to muster up the strength, motivation, or energy to go out!

Telehealth basically means receiving your care via the internet with video conferencing. It is incredibly convenient and allows for so many people to receive care who normally would not be able to. That alone convinced me that I had to start providing these services to people in need of therapeutic support.

Providing quality, convenient, professional, online services is a joy for me and my clients! The support and care you desire and deserve are finally available to you. My video conferencing sessions are all HIPAA Compliant in regard to privacy, so you don’t have to worry about your session being hacked into or compromised. Complete confidentiality. And paperwork… SO easy. There is nothing you have to print out or mail. Everything is done online and stored in the cloud with HIPAA compliant encryption to, again, ensure the security of your sensitive personal health information.

You can click here to go to my client portal (hosted by Simple Practice) to sign up for a free minute consultation to try it out today!

Also, feel free to visit my virtual waiting room (hosted by Doxy.me).