Spiritual Health

As a follower of Jesus, I take living out faith very seriously. Jesus was a true servant and truly loved people. This is my standard for how I work with clients. I want to serve them well and provide them with the quality care they need and deserve. Every person is precious and I take great care to ensure that each person I work with is able to feel cared for, empowered, maintain dignity, and have their hope restored.

I understand that not everyone I will work with is a Christian. For those who are, I would love to add in truths of Scripture and prayer to our sessions. However, if you are a client that does not identify as a Christian, I will by no means push my faith upon you or include these principals in your work with me. But, I can promise you that I will treat you with the same love, consideration, dignity, and excellence as I would anyone else. I want you to rest assured that me living out my faith will provide you with QUALITY care and not compromised or judgemental care. Anything less than the best is unacceptable. Also, if you are of a different faith background and would like to include this in your counseling, I am more than willing to accommodate that and be educated in how your faith impacts you.

Please be sure to mention if you would like your faith brought into your counseling or child behavior modification support services!

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