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So you avoided the New Year’s Resolution Bandwagon and yet there is something inside of you saying… I really should try to take better care of myself. But where do you even start? Join a gym? Eat better? Sleep more? What should your goal even be? Lose weight? Drop a pants size? More whole foods? Is one area good enough? Is it worth making a goal if you could potentially fail at it anyway?

I know what it is like to want to set realistic, achievable goals and yet hold back because I don’t want to fail… again. So, goals are avoided and I remain stagnant… which is SO unsatisfying! What I have learned is the goals I was setting were not for the right reasons and so the motivation just wasn’t there to follow through. I had no accountability and no idea about what methods were actually effective. No wonder I would fail!

So I decided to change things up and just focus on being HEALTHY… Guess what… BOOM, results happened. BUT… I didn’t change everything over night and I didn’t go it alone.

Are you ready to finally make progress in your health and wellness? To finally pursue a method that allows you to have victory? I have seen too many people struggle and grow more and more dissatisfied with their bodies, health, and general self and decided to utilize my passions to address your struggles by creating the Redefining Fitness Program.

For lasting change you need realistic methods. My online program allows you easy and convenient access to the tools you need for success. It provides you with a customized, gradual, realistic exercise schedule, food planning, and moral support. We will utilize fitness as a natural means to boost your mood and decrease stress, and give you peace of mind that you are finally taking care of you!

The cost for the Redefining Fitness Program is only $30 a week. You can complete all workouts and sessions without leaving your home and with no to minimal equipment (your choice!). OR if you commit to prioritizing your fitness for an entire year, you will be able to join my exclusive group and receive a 25% discount on the group!

My next online Redefining Fitness Group will run February 12th and run through March 11th. Spots are limited. The 4 week group deliverables are: 1 consultation (20 minutes), 1 individual session (50 minutes), 4 group sessions (40 minutes each), 4 weeks of workouts (tailored specifically to your needs/goals), and detailed nutrition planning (realistic,flexible, no calorie counting), and over 30 delicious, easy recipes. Registration costs are only $120 for the entire 4 weeks (just $30/week).
Click here to register for group and get ready to finally take care of you!

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(*Personal and identifying information has been removed for privacy purposes.)

“Thank you for helping me find the motivation and inspiration I needed to start caring for myself again. I admit, I didn’t follow our fitness group regime super closely, but it was what I needed to start feeling like I’m worthy of a healthy lifestyle. My excuse has always been financial/work/time (I can’t take care of myself because I don’t have the time, I don’t have time because I work, and I work because we need money…), but since our group, I’ve taken action. I did my research and started a new health kick… and am actively searching for a job that will allow me to work remotely. [My huband] and I have had lots of conversations about the rut I’m in (and have been in) and I’m finally doing something about it. I’m a ways away from feeling whole again, but I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be taking this kind of action if I didn’t join your group… so thank you, friend. Truly, thank you.”


“I enjoyed the group session last night! And I like how excited you are about it! You can tell that this is something that makes you come alive/you’re passionate about. ”


“Jill, it was a privilege to be a part of your group. I found it unique and different in the well-laid out food plan that I can continue even now that the group is done … I liked this method better than counting calories or cutting out a food group or something like that. I also appreciated that it wasn’t a bragging sort of a group. It seems like lately the trend is for people to take before and after pictures and show quick results or brag to everyone about how they just worked out. That kind of thing really turns me away, because life with 3 kids, I am not going to get quick fixes to anything. I liked how this group was realistic and understanding of real people and their unique situations. That some weeks life is so busy or challenging and you just physically can’t do it all. I didn’t feel shamed in those weeks or like I was trying to impress anyone. I could just be open about how thing had gone … I appreciated that this group wasn’t about how shredded we could get or what not because realistically, I’m just trying to be healthy for the betterment of my family not to show off to other people. So this was a great fit for me, more so than really anything else I’ve ever tried.”