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I would love to talk with you about:

  • Online counseling services
  • Child behavior modification support services (service for parents)
    (Includes potential discrete in-home behavior observations via webcam!)
  • Fitness therapy groups (November 28th click here to register)
    Use exercise & nutrition as natural methods to ↓ stress/anxiety and boost mood
  • Online fitness coaching11406417_10100170054472684_7233995894389586653_n
  • Nutrition and recipes
  • Becoming a fitness coach
  • Collaborative efforts
  • Joining Team INSPIRE
  • Being a missionary fitness sponsor
  • Getting a fitness sponsorship (must be a missionary)
  • Any questions or feedback you have!

Feel free to fill out the contact form below or go to my client portal to sign up for a free 20 minute consultation.
Client Portal:




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