Change… Hate it. Embrace it. Love it.

So I’m going to be honest with you all.

This does not imply that I have indeed been dishonest with you prior to this moment… for the record.

I am… my business is… going through some major changes. Now, I understand there is a bit of a risk in sharing this and I hope that this doesn’t cause you to question what I have been or what I am doing… but I am willing to trust you to trust me. Everything I do is to provide the absolute BEST for my clients.

Change is a normal part of life and quite a necessity. We humans, however, don’t always appreciate or handle change well. So, as I am going through this transformative process, there are about a ZILLION things I wish I could be doing. I wish the change could be done OVERNIGHT. I wish that there weren’t some doubts or negative thoughts in my mind… but alas… there they are. We fight change because many parts of the process of change are not easy; potentially painful. We learn how things can be better, which tempts us to think that we weren’t good enough up until this point. This is a lie.

You know, we are only held responsible for what we know. And as time progresses and our awareness grows, we are responsible for more and have the ethical responsibility to make changes. That is my current process. How about you?

Have you been made aware of something that is calling you to commit to a change? Resistance, fear, uncertainty, and procrastination are very normal responses to this. We often would rather do what is comfortable instead of putting in effort to make change. But here’s the thing… if we don’t do the hard stuff… we don’t get the lovely side of change. And if we don’t experience the good of change on a regular basis, we cultivate an oppositional force against change happening in our life.

We may hate the idea of change at first, but when we embrace it, we enter into the opportunity to love change. Embracing it makes us find the good and reject the bad. Embracing it sets our hearts on fire to do things well and be proud of overcoming what was and achieving what is. We miss out on too much if we only see the negative side of change and forego a beautiful process that brings about more growth and change than we expected. We come out on the other side better… but only if we choose to.

So. Get ready for better from me. Change is happening. I’m loving it because I know you will love it. That matters and that will make every effort worth it.

See you on the other side.


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