Three Questions That Make a Difference

As 2017 has started (bye-bye January!), I have been taking the time to evaluate my life. My rebellious nature (you have one too… so don’t judge!) tempted me to avoid such ponderings during the turn of the new year, but alas, here I am doing what is just plain necessary if we are to continue to grow as human beings and fulfill our life purpose.

While I know that I have done good work, I also know there there is much to be done and so many ways to improve myself, my business, and my services to the clients I care for so deeply… who deserve my absolute best. How I spend my time matters. What I allow my mind to dwell on and believe matters. Who I allow to influence me matters. When I schedule things matters.

Guess what…
How YOU spend your time matters.
What YOU allow your mind to dwell on and believe matters.
Who YOU allow to influence you matters.
When YOU schedule things matters.

Realizing and embracing these truths are SO important to our quality of life AND equally impactful to the quality of life of those we impact on a daily basis… especially our loved ones. I don’t know about you, but when I consider all of that, I realize real quick that my time is not always spent well, my mind dwells on things that are not true or helpful, some of the people in my life are bringing me down, and I don’t always schedule my weeks well.

And you know what… I never will… you never will… be able to say we do all of these things flawlessly, BUT we can always try to improve our current level of functioning. We don’t have to settle for where we are and we can make gradual improvements that will slowly but surely improve our situation.

I want this for YOU. I have seen how valuable and life-giving this is to slow down for one day, not check things off your to-do list and simply thing and discuss and evaluate your current life practices to make sure you are on track and in line with what you value. All of these things not only impact you personally, but they impact your family.

And, being a child behavior coach, I have to point out that all these things ABSOLUTELY impact your child’s mood, behavior, belief system, physical health, and relationship with you.

So, here are three questions to ask yourself about your day-to-day practices. These apply to people who are stay-at-home parents, work from home, work outside the home, have young kids, have older kids, empty-nesters, have no kids, married, committed, engaged, single, etc!

Why am I doing this?

Is it working? (why/why not)

Does it benefit my family? (why/why not)

If you struggle with your WHY… it’s time to figure it out! If you are constantly failing or coming up short… it’s time to figure that out! If your family is not benefiting from what you are doing… it’s time to figure that out! Your life purpose is SO valuable. Your day-to-day strivings matter. Take time, reflect, discuss this with someone. If you don’t have someone to confide in, click here and schedule a free consultation now for us to examine how your life is impacting you and your precious family.


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