This is BIG!

I have been working hard to launch my first collaborative campaign. Why? Because I 15995038_10100389379683204_225877165031406358_o.jpgdiscovered a deep desire in the lives of my of my clients, followers, and friends…

Moms just want to know that they are not failing!

How heart-breaking it was for me to hear that this is the daily reality of so many of you incredible, hard working mommas out there! And yet… how simple of a request! How could I pass up the opportunity to pour into mom’s lives in a very tangible way? Hence…

The #MomWin Campaign!

With this idea rolling around in my brain and knowing that Valentine’s Day was around the corner (I mean… seriously… Walmart took down their Christmas merch and immediately went for V-day!)… I thought this campaign seemed like the perfect gift! Giving moms exactly what they want, need, and deserve.

So 20 amazing women and I are going to be pouring into you mommas this February, should you opt in… and why not?! All you need to do is CLICK HERE to submit your email address and name. Then every weekday in February you will receive some lovin’ in your inbox!

Is the #MomWin Campaign for you?

Ask yourself these questions… and if you answer YES to any of them… then SIGN UP STAT!!!

Are you sick of the media telling you what should be doing for your children?

Do you often wonder whether or not you are doing enough for your kids/family/hubby?

Do you find yourself feeling like you don’t measure up?

Are you constantly striving to do your best, but feel like you come up short?

Do you blame your kids mistakes on yourself?

Do you fear that your limitations are keeping your kids from turning out the way you want?

Do you ever feel like there are far too many expectations placed on you?

Are you sick of feeling like you are supposed to be super creative, cleanly, fixed-up, fit, organized, chef extraordinaire, composed, inviting, etc?

Have you clicked the link to sign up yet?! If not… then here’s your chance! Let us give you the respect, recognition, honor, and love you are due. No guilt trips, just encouragement. Allow yourself to get poured into and pampered this February and join the #MomWin Campaign! AND invite that momma you KNOW needs some of this lovin’ too!



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