Jillian Redefining Wellness 2016 Review

As the end of the year is upon us, I wanted to take the opportunity to look through all my previous content! I can’t believe that I am up to nearly 200 posts on my blog! I apparently have a lot of things to say. ūüėČ I resisted a blog for SO long and even tried to start one once and stopped because I didn’t get the traffic I was hoping for. But I realize now that there are A TON of voices out there and not all of them are uplifting, positive, or helpful. Regardless of how many people read my content (or guests’ content!), I will share my thoughts with the hopes of encouraging and enriching some!

Below I am listing all the series I did over the year (don’t worry… NOT all 200 posts are listed below). There are 11 series in total! Life was CRAZY in June… so that month got neglected (moved, first house ever, 2 jobs, 2 hour commute, prepping to launch JRW full time, and general LIFE). As much as I love creating new series and ideas, I think I will be moving to quarterly themes in 2017 to provide more depth.

Feel free to browse through any past post that catches your eye. Each is linked and the series introduction is linked to the series’ titles. I will be sure to respond to any comments or questions you have, despite the date they were posted!

Thank you for your support ‚ô• I so appreciate my readers!

Keys to Life

Keys to Life #1 – Understand the Difference Between Equal and Equitable

Key to Life #2 ‚Äď Use Your Body for What it was Made¬†for

Key #3 ‚Äď No Word¬†Daggers

Key #4 ‚Äď Embracing Meekness and¬†Weakness

Key #5 ‚Äď Eat REAL¬†Food

Key #6 ‚Äď Retaliate with¬†Love

Key #7 ‚Äď Confess (no skeletons in the¬†closet!)

Key #8 ‚Äď Balance Work and¬†Rest

Key #9 ‚Äď Stop Looking at What‚Äôs Not¬†Yours

Key #10 ‚ÄúHunger‚ÄĚ for¬†Good

Be Your Own Valentine

Exercise and Anxiety; featuring Kim Reed!

Connecting Spiritually with Your Kids; featuring Mindy Court

God’s Desires for our Health and Wellness; featuring¬†Tramaine

Benefits of Meal Prepping + a Fave Recipe!; featuring Lauren Boldizar

Balancing Family and Fitness; Featuring Jill Jacobs

Do V-Day Your Way; featuring Ashleigh from ‚ÄúIntentionalU‚ÄĚ

Personal Reflections on PTSD; featuring Kelsey Hanks

The Value of Circuit Training; featuring Keridon

Tech Free Tips; featuring Kimberly Hawkins

Sacred¬†Sunday: Choosing a “Favorite” Bible Verse

Spiritual and Physical Health; featuring Jenna

Last Post!

Lies We Believe

It’s One Person’s Fault

Satan and Demons Are Not at Work Today

Eating Healthy is Boring and Unrealistic ‚Äď *Guest Blogger: Kelly Olexa!

My Spiritual Beliefs Do Not Impact My Mental Well-Being

Talking to a Counselor/Therapist Won’t Help Me

Cardio is King

All Calories Are Equal

That is Unforgivable

BIG List of Everyday Lies

Wrapping Up the Series…

April Analysis

Doreen’s Frozen Gluten Free Pizzas

E-Therapy and Simple Practice

My Fave Workout DVDs

Ebates… a.k.a. Free $$

Books that Changed My Life

Quest Bars… Worth the hype??


‚ÄúI can‚Äôt ask for help‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

Workouts ‚ÄúWhere do I¬†start?‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúMy spouse is treating me horribly‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

I am eating healthy but NO results‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúNOTHING is going right‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

HOT Topics (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why I’m NOT All About That Bass     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

How to Disrespect Your Spouse     (and LIVE Video Broadcast, Part 1 … Part 2)

What Not To Say to Someone Struggling with Depression     (and LIVE Video Broadcast, Part 1 … Part 2)

Dear Gluten Free Snobs     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why Millennials Are Rejecting Family     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Rethinking the Marriage Debate     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Eating Healthy… Why It’s STILL Getting You Nowhere     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why I’m Embarrassed of My House     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why Christians Should Stop Obsessing Over God’s Will     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Aspergers and Autism     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Scale Fixation     (and LIVE Video Broadcast, Part 1 … Part 2)

When to Keep Your Mouth Shut (with family)     (and LIVE Video Broadcast)

Closing Remarks…

Defeating Daily Demons

I am Unhappy with My Body

I Feel Like a Single Parent

My Child Is Not Eating Properly/Too Much!

Parent-Child Power Struggles

My Child is Self-Harming

Working Out… I Don’t Know Where to¬†Start

Prayer is Getting Me Nowhere

I’m ALWAYS¬†Hungry!

My Spouse Disagrees With My Faith

God Created Us For Community

Closing the Series!

September Series

My Heart for Families… Including my Own!

What Cyber Bullying and Online Counseling Have in Common

Simple Solutions

Parent Support Workshop Recap!

The Value of Services

What to Expect From me in the Future!

Making WISE Investments

Fall: noun. result of doing life on your own

The Power of Community in Fitness

Longing for Togetherness and Intimacy

Even Helpers Need to Ask for Help; Guest Blogger Lizzy!

Let Go of ‚ÄúStranger¬†Danger!‚ÄĚ

Hope and Help for Postpartum Depression; guest blogger Allison Hardy of Self-Care Simplified

Accountability; guest post by Kelli Tobin of My Fit Finish

Balancing Dependency

God’s vs Satan’s View of Life Alone; by Dan Sauter of Word Dependent Ministries

God NEVER Said He Won’t Give You More Than You Can Handle

Nurturing November

Why Your Alone Time May Be Stressing You Out

Why You Should Allow Your Child to ‚ÄúAct a¬†Fool‚ÄĚ

Better Than ‚ÄúBecause I Said¬†So‚ÄĚ

Exercise AND Nutrition… that’s TOO much

Stop Nurturing Excuses

Are You Nurturing or Neurotic?

Be Thankful for Struggles NOW

Closing Series

‘Tis the Season… ?






Un-Themed Posts

WOAH. June?!

New Monday News! (our big move)

CYBER MONDAY! – deals are good until 1/1/17

How I Learned You CAN’T Workout to Look a Certain Way

My Plans for 2017



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