What’s Ahead for 2017?!

I am taking a short break in my current series because I want to be sure to let you all know what you can be expecting from me in 2017! I am SO excited for the year ahead and have a lot of ideas, products, services, and content I know will help to enrich lives.

My current mental health and child behavior support services will still be available (via online sessions; click here to schedule a free consultation) and I plan to maintain my prices for this next calendar year. Many professionals choose to increase their rates every year, but I want to continue to make my services more accessible. Most traditional brick-and-mortar counseling offices charge $150 session and even if your insurance covers some mental health expenses, they most likely cap out at 10 sessions and are only partially covered. My rates are WELL below this rate, and below going rates for online sessions. Plus we don’t have to go through your pesky insurance that will require you to be labeled with a diagnosis. My time is 100% devoted to you and your sessions… not hours of paperwork.


I am going to be offering 2 new products this coming year:

  1. Behavior Charting System
    I have seen tons of behavior charts out there on the internet, and you know what… I don’t like them! You deserve a better system and you deserve some training on how to best utilize them. I will provide the charts and also offer a training to go along with them.
  2. Ebook: Your Guide to: P.E.A.C.E – Preventing and Ending Arguments with Children Effectively
    As for the Ebook, I know that power struggles and arguments can be so infuriating. I want to provide you with tips on how to best handle arguments by taking a look from a child’s perspective so you can win, but allow your child to feel validated and loved.


  1. Free Fitness Club – Starting January 9th!
    This is my first ever free fitness group that I will be running! I will start up a new round every month. There will be online streaming workouts, workout schedules, and some nutrition support. People are already signing up! People in the Fitness Club will get special access to deals for my other fitness related services.
  2. Fitness Therapy (re-vamped!) – Starting February 6th
    After getting feedback from clients and much reflection, I have come up with a completely re-vamped version of my Fitness Therapy group. I am putting much more emphasis on customization of workout schedules and will be adding in a time for preparation; making this a five week program, instead of four. I will be keeping prices for the first quarter the same, but rates will rise. Fitness Club members will get a discount! Click here to register.
  3. Give Me Five! Free Child Encouragement Group – Starting January 23rd
    I have run a few free groups and do many live video broadcasts on Facebook concerning child behavior. I am excited to be offering a brand new, short, sweet, and to the point group. This will be five days and I will provide a five minute video each day to discuss ways to encourage your child(ren) and strengthen your relationship with him/her/them. Your relationship has significant impact on their behavior! This will be a group that will equip you with ideas on how to better connect and let your child feel loved and appreciated for who they are.
  4. Child Behavior Support Workshop – Starting January 30th
    I have run a few free groups on child behavior this past year and I am excited to be launching a 30 day workshop! This will be a low cost, online group that will cover a wide variety of topics related to child behavior… reasons behind it, ways to address it, how to personally cope, child brain development, and addressing your chosen topics. This will be more interactive and there will be “assignments” given. I will have one per day that goes with a written post or short video.


I am so excited to be partnering with WordDependent Ministries. I will be providing blogs and/or vlogs to WordDependent on a monthly basis. I am honored to have garnered the trust and fellowship of Dan Sauter and to be extended such an opportunity to join in providing truth, hope, and encouragement to those seeking God. You can check out WordDependent by clicking here!

If you are interested in any of the above services or products mentioned, I would love to hear from you! Fill out the comment box below to contact me.

ALSO! There are still a few days left to receive my end of year deals I posted back on Cyber Monday. Click here to snag a great deal on my services before 2017 arrives! There are discounts on sessions and fitness services. Only 15 days left!


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