Tis the Season of… BELIEVING?

Image result for politically correct holidayBeliefs are a big topic during this time of year. Your belief system dictates the way you celebrate your holiday, which holiday(s) you celebrate, as well as, children wrestling with believing in Santa Claus… or ceasing to believe their parents!

But are beliefs this simple? Do they only flood our lives during a certain time of the year? Are they only for people who believe in some kind of religion? Do they really matter? Is it true that we can believe whatever we want is true? Are all beliefs equally correct as society suggests?

Believing is a topic that is SO important and demands our attention. Belief is not simply a matter of religion; it is all encompassing. We all have core, foundational beliefs that influence more than we likely realize on a moment-by-moment  basis. You have countless beliefs! Some are as simple as you believe a certain sports team is the best,  living in a house is ideal, or mayonnaise is disgusting. Or they can be as big as what happens after you die, what your life’s purpose should be, or how the universe began. And there are many beliefs between these two extremes.

Image result for arrow clipartRegardless of their scope, your beliefs impact the way you think. And they way you think impacts the decisions you make. And the decisions you make impact your life’s outcomes. And your life outcomes impact your quality of life. And for the things in life that are out of your control (which includes plenty of things), your beliefs are the lens through which you decipher their meaning. You are inseparable from your beliefs whether you are a hardcore, devout religious person or someone that would deny the existence of God or adherence to any particular belief system.

But let me be one to say: Notions of “If you just believe, it will come true” or that all beliefs are equally right, are woefully deceptive. No matter how much I believe I am an ostrich, it will never make me one. And when it comes to all beliefs being equally right… this is merely impossible. Too many beliefs are in absolute contradiction of each other. Image result for relative truth illogicalEach step toward embracing the concept that “whatever is truth to you is acceptable as truth,” brings us closer to complete chaos. There is no line to hold. What you believe matters because it impacts your every moment and your influence on others… We need to choose our beliefs carefully because they could be unjustified or harmful.

How aware are you of your core beliefs? This is key to living a congruent and well-adjusted life. Comment below with your thoughts, beliefs, and reactions!


Below of some thoughts on believing from a biblical perspective…

Did you know that belief that Jesus was a real person, the Son of God, and that He died for people’s sins is not enough for Image result for street of gold revelationsalvation? Yes, Scripture tells us that we cannot earn our salvation, that there are no special works that we have to do, and that it is a gift from God… BUT… Guess who else believes these things about Jesus … Satan and his demons. You better believe that Satan and demons will not be receiving salvation. So what is the deal then?? Our belief in these things is imperative, but our belief needs to go deeper in the the very name of Jesus. That He is to be the King of kings and Lord of lords. That He is Ruler over all (Satan is not on board with this idea)! And if we truly believe that Jesus is who He says He is, our life will align with His ideals and we trust and do what He says.

Perhaps you are already aware of this… if so, let me share this with you…

Remember that your  beliefs impact your thoughts… your thoughts impact your decisions… your decisions impact your behavior… your behavior impacts your life outcomes. If your life outcomes seem to be out of alignment with what God asks of you, it may be that you have a belief that is contrary to what the Word of God says. Start to self-examine and look at what you truly believe. God is all about changing hearts and transforming minds! He will help you!


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