Tis the Season of… ?

The holiday season gets us in a different mindset. From Thanksgiving to New Years there is simply a different feeling in the air. There are warm-fuzzy and get deeply saddening feelings as well. Togetherness, loneliness. Excitement, disappointment. Celebrating, mourning. There are certainly both ends of the spectrum and many feelings in between that are experienced… and yet, we seem to only outwardly express the socially well-received thoughts, feelings, and notions. So we see signs, hear/sing songs, read posts, and give/receive cards that have these big, all-encompassing words that we are so familiar with; but, I would argue that we do not truly take to heart what they actually mean.

Am I being too cryptic? I promise I don’t intend to! Here are some of those words that I’m referring to:


Look familiar? These words are all over the place… but do we truly know the gravity of their full definitions? We have certainly overused and belittled the breath of what these words offer. Here are some examples of each:

I hope it doesn’t snow.
Peace out!
I love chai lattes.
Whatever people believe is true to them; there is no real truth.Oh yum, Almond Joy are my favorite!


Is hope just wishful thinking?
Is peace some flippant bidding?
Is love simply enjoyment?
Is believing just what you want to convince yourself is true?
Is joy as simple and fleeting as chocolate?

I hope there is a resounding, “Of course not!” amongst you readers! I want us to delve in a bit deeper into these words this season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Santa, Festivus, or absolutely nothing… I believe this series will be enlightening. I will include some Christian themed information toward the end of each post for those who are interested in gleaning some Biblical theology and thoughts in regard to these words as well. My faith is important to me and this time of the year, I certainly cannot separate it from my thoughts and analyses of these words. If you don’t ascribe to Christianity, you are welcome to read,skip, and/or converse about the ideas presented.

I am looking forward to this series, as I think it will be enriching to my and others’ holiday season. Which word resonates most with you? Which word do you feel you need more clarity on? Comment below with your thoughts and let’s get this series started!



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