VLOG: How I Learned You CAN’T Workout to Look a Certain Way

I don’t typically post videos on my blog, but those of you who read my blog may not have found me over on Facebook yet, which also means that you are not aware of my daily LIVE videos! Going LIVE is one of my favorite things to do during my work day… which is why I save it for last. Since my blog has been so information heavy, I thought I would not only change things up by providing you with a video, but I would also do a post that is more personal. I think it is so important for me to share you I am with those who follow me. Knowing who you are getting your information and services from is so important.

This vlog has more focus on physical health, but absolutely taps into mental health as it discusses our mindset, and spiritual health as it discusses priorities/values and focus. I hope you enjoy it and after you finish watching, if you feel motivated to take care of you, CLICK HERE!



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