Nurturing November – Closing Series

Last blog post of the series… and I want to tackle the idea of self-denial.

Self-denial and self-nurturing… is this an oxymoron? Absolutely NOT. How many things in life go awry due to our inability to say no to things? Re-read that and reflect. What are you dissatisfied about in your life that could be resolved by practicing self-denial. Let’s work through some common woes…

Financial Struggles: buy less clothes/books/convenience foods or meals out/indulgences/pamperings/pricey brands/entertainment/etc…

Weight/Physique Frustrations: eat less junk/stop eating out/deny treats at work/stop lounging around/wake up early/let go of excuses/etc…

Relationship Tensions: hold your tongue/stop setting people up to fail/serve instead of being served/stop focusing on others’ faults/stop looking at porn or reading and watching romance media/etc…


All of these can be avoided if we simply practice self-denial. I am not going to pretend like self denial is an easy thing… it’s certainly not! If self-denial was in fact easy, everyone would be doing it! You are going to have to muster up some strength, grit, and a long term perspective if you are going to be successful in the area of self-denial. Can I give you a tip? Oh, good! I’m so glad you said, “Yes!” 😉

Focus on the future reward instead of the current pain/disadvantage/inconvenience/extra effort. If your mind in the present negatives, you will never choose self-denial… BUT, if you think about how nice it will be to actually afford Christmas gifts this year/have no more credit card bills… or be a pants size down/not breathe heavy going upstairs/have energy… or be content in your marriage/feel loved and respected… I guarantee that you will be more motivated to make a tough, self-denying choice. It may still be hard, but you will be more motivated dwelling on positive outcomes than you would be dwelling on negative implications.

Sometimes taking care yourself is telling yourself NO. We are in a strange culture where people simultaneously overindulge and neglect themselves. We overindulge in frivolous and temporary pleasures, but do not take the time and intentionality to make mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually health choices for ourselves. We pursue quick fixes because we won’t pursue nurturing self-denial and end up neglecting our well-being.

My heart hurts for those who are missing this! Is this you? I’m writing this for you, so you can be aware, so you can choose to change. And let me say that if you are not motivated enough to choose self-nurturing, self-denial because you are willing to suffer or struggle… just remember:

Self-nurturing is what ultimately allows you to nurture others. Neglect yourself and you are neglecting those you love of the best you could give them. Isn’t that what you want? Are you done making excuses and not taking care of you? Let me help you to take your next step. Fill out the comment box below and I will receive an email letting me know that you are ready for a next step in self-nurturing. I will be in touch within 24 hours to help you discover your unique, best next step! And let me say in advanced… I’m proud of you!


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