I would be behind-the-times if I did not offer some Cyber Monday deals! And you know what… forget JUST Monday… these are available through January 1st, 2017!

There are deals for new clients/customers and past… Why? Because I would be so honored to be invited into someone’s life journey and I know that money can be a barrier. I don’t want finances to keep people from taking care of themselves. I have been there; afraid to invest money in my health and wellness. But once I did, I experienced tremendous, tangible, quality-of-life benefits and knew that this was well worth the investment. And not only that, but it would actually save me money in the run! And for returning clients/customers, I love to reward loyalty and your choice to prioritize your health and wellness.

**There are fitness deals AND counseling AND child behavior support deals!**

Fitness Deals

Buy Shakeology and choose a free workout DVD series!
I’m not going to lie. I was SHOCKED when I saw the price of Shakeology. I could not wrap my head around it and now… I would NEVER miss a shake! The sticker shock was easy to get over when my sweet tooth was satisfied, I no longer needed to buy vitamins, my hair and nails grew and got stronger, and my breakfast was a no-brainer. AND… this is the first year I have had NO fall allergies! Last season, I took Claritin AND Zyrtec because they were so bad. A year on Shakeology and NO more allergies! I believe in this product and want you to see what it can do for you. SO, I’ll add in a workout for you to get more bang for your buck. Click above to email me or fill out the form immediately below and I will help you choose the best workout for you… for FREE!

Sign Up Early for Free Workout of the Month Club!
Starting in January, I will be starting a Workout of the Month Club! I am really excited about this! No more gym memberships needed! You can get quality workouts in at home. I will provide you with a new schedule every month. Click above to email me or fill out the form immediately below and I will add you to my list and contact you about getting started.

Lock in Rate for Fitness Therapy
My fitness therapy groups are unlike any fitness group you’ve joined (or haven’t joined!) before because we utilize exercise and nutrition therapeutically! We don’t focus on getting shredded or setting unrealistic expectations, but instead I help you start making small, realistic changes. I customize a workout plan for you and provide you with a simple to follow nutrition guide. My program focuses on taking restriction and guilt out of the picture and provides quality support to help you feel encouraged and motivated. We have weekly online video chat sessions that truly set this group apart from other programs. We problem solve, support, relate, and plan ahead in our sessions. If you are ready to use exercise and nutrition as natural, healthy, no-negative-side-effect methods of enhancing your well-being, click here or above to sign up and get the current low rate before prices rise! The link will also give you more information/details about the group.

Past Client/Customer Deal!

Referral Reward
For those of you who have participated in ANY of my groups in the past, I would so appreciate you making a referral, assuming you appreciated the services you received (if not… I want to hear from you for some feedback!). Here is what you can do to earn yourself a $20 gift card of your choosing…
Write a social media post, including a picture, and tag me in it. Talk about the group you were in, how it benefited you personally, and that you would recommend this service to others. If one of your referrals purchases one of my services, I will reward you with a $20 gift card. That simple!

Counseling and Child Behavior Support Deals

Online Video Conferencing Counseling and/or Child Behavior Support Services
For all deals below, go to and sign up for your FREE 20 minute consultation. In our consultation, let me know what deal you would like to snag for yourself!

50 Minute Online Sessions
I am offering your first 10 sessions at $20 off!

In-Home, Online Child Behavior Observation and Feedback Sessions (2 sessions totaling 50 mins)
I am offering your first 10 sessions at $20 off!

30 Minute Online Sessions
I am offering your first 10 sessions at $10 off!

Hoping to be able to serve YOU or someone you care about. My heart is to serve and enrich lives. It is my joy to do so and I am confident you will see that when you sign up for one of my services! Thank you for letting me serve you!



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