Nurturing November – Be Thankful for Struggles NOW

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Today is a day where many people cling to all the warm, fuzzy, and/or simply things we can be thankful for… shelter, freedom, food, family, friends, job, health, hobbies, education, warmth, pets, bacon…

And while it is completely legitimate and appropriate to express thanks for these things… I want you to try to do something a bit unorthodox this year. See, we tend to focus on the simple pleasures of life to distract us from the big, elephant-in-the-room struggles we are undoubtedly facing. Let’s be honest. Just because it is Thanksgiving, it does not mean that all your problems magically went away… they are still there. Many of you are pushing them down today and here I am stirring them up!Image result for thanksgiving heart

Let them come up.

And don’t only let them come up…


Eh?! Now perhaps some of you have thought… well sure, down the road, these struggles will prove to have some purpose and I will be thankful for it at some point! I commend you on your forward thinking, and don’t disagree that this can be your result in time… BUT… that is not what I’m actually asking.

Honestly, what I’m asking is something that I am struggling to do just as much as you will be struggling to do it too! Be thankful for your current struggles, woes, and set backs…NOW. Don’t try to figure it out later. Seek the good in it now. What is it revealing to you? What are you able to learn about yourself or someone else through this? What have you gained? What have you been able to free yourself from? What next step is now possible?

Being thankful for our trials and hardships is not just about looking back and being thankful for going through it… but being thankful in the midst of it!

Comment below with your hardship and why you are thankful for it.

If your pain or grief is too deep, let’s work together to help you find peace and thankfulness in the midst of your storm. Click here to sign up for a free consultation via online video conferencing. Reference this blog and I will give you 50% off your first 5 sessions if you choose to work with me… starting to be thankful yet?!


2 thoughts on “Nurturing November – Be Thankful for Struggles NOW

  1. I had a four year period of hardship that felt like it was swallowing my soul. I got married to my soldier husband and he quickly deployed and was in the middle of war and danger., I was a heartbroken mess. That high of getting married, followed by a year of separation and fear put me into a deep depression and anxiety stricken state. When he returned I had a premature baby and then we moved across the country to an unfamiliar place, I got pregnant again when my oldest was 3 mos old, yes I said oldest. We moved again to another strange place where I felt very isolated, I had 2 babies in 12 mos and found out my husband was deploying again. I was at rock bottom and had no place to go and no strength to get out. God started slowly pulling me out of chaos and offered me peace and help in carrying my burdens. He tenderly led me to maturity in my faith a reliance on Him that I had never known so deeply. He brought me to a place where instead of being hurt and asking why, I said thank you for all of it. I began to trust, not because everything was great but because I knew He was good and He was who He said He was. Just because something didn’t feel good didn’t mean it wasn’t a blessing from above. And that was the beginning of my healing. Now hardships come and I can be thankful. I’ve since had a miscarriage, more moves under my belt, but in the posture of thankfulness and gratitude to a good God, I find true faith and sustainment through the storms. I may not always be strong in this but I do know more what to do.


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