Nurturing November – Stop Nurturing Excuses

Image result for fall leaf on white backgroundThis month is all about how to nurture yourself. Shall we review the definition of nurturing?

Nurturing – caring for and encouraging the growth or development of

Are you caring for and encouraging the growth or development of yourself? I hope so! But, I am quite certain that the majority of people reading this are surely lacking in the area of self-nurturing… at least in one area of your life.

Today we are going to tackle something that robs us from growth and development:


Image result for fall leaf on white backgroundTry going a whole day without making excuses. But that’s impossible! Oops… excuse made already! 😉 Okay, I may have set you up for that one… but my point is, avoiding excuses is extremely difficult! We desire to absolve ourselves of any guilt, responsibility, or hint of failure. Feeling like we let others down, knowing that our performance was not good enough, and living with the pain of messing up are all significant stressors… Significant enough that we come up with excuses (whether valid or not) to ease our mind and make us not feel so bad in the moment.

We so often seek to heal temporary pain, cognitive dissonance, or emotional discomfort… and these are easily avoided by speaking excuses in our own minds and/or to others. We cover our bases, feel justified, and shod taking blame. All is well, right?

If we are honest… those excuses we make don’t automatically absolve our issues. In fact, we may now have added on additional guilt, knowing that we are evading responsibility. But the mind is impressionable, and the more we repeat our excuses, the more we believe them and forget that they were excuses in the first place.

Image result for fall leaf on white backgroundSo the reason why excuses are prevalent is completely understandable! Excuses are essentially a coping mechanism to help us be okay with ourselves. Unfortunately, they offer up a false sense of security and lead to more problems down the road. Excuses may help ease your mind in the moment, but they do not fix the problem.

We need to stop nurturing excuses and choose to nurture ourselves… And sometimes nurturing means not allowing yourself to fall for the quick fix. Solving your issues instead of making excuses takes a lot more energy and effort up front, but the amount of growth, development, and long term peace that results from it will be well worth it!

What excuses are you nurturing? You cannot nurture yourself and your excuses. The time to change is now.

What can you do? Comment below with your excuses and what you can do to change things. Need help in this journey? Click here for a free consultation and we can get you on the path toward letting go of those excuses!

Are you constantly making excuses about exercise or eating habits? If so… click here to sign up for my next group, starting November 27th! We will not only address these areas… but those excuses as well!


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