Nurturing November – Exercise AND Nutrition… that’s TOO much

I don’t think that I need to convince you of the fact that exercise and eating well are important to your overall health.

What most people need convincing of is that investing time into exercise and/or eating well are really worth the effort.

I think that for many people the idea of prioritizing BOTH puts them off to the idea of trying to prioritize either of them… so they just do nothing. Especially if they are trying to do this on their own and with little awareness, information, or support.

So which of the two sounds LESS intimidating to you? Exercise or Nutrition?

Image result for small stepsAnd let me encourage you that you don’t have to go from zero to working out 5 times a week… and you don’t have to go from eating whatever to becoming a health nut. Which are you willing to make a tiny, simple, realistic positive tweak to in your life?

Getting active for 20 minutes, 3 times a week? Planning 4 dinners a week that are based on whole foods? Or maybe cutting out beverages with calories and artificial sweeteners?

These are very small changes that may not seem to make a difference… but here is why they absolutely can…

When you try to tackle two big lifestyle changes at once, it is intimidating and difficult to maintain. Change is straight up hard for humans. Yes, there are the select few who make major changes, but that doesn’t mean that is the only way to success! Slow and stead wins the race; right?! So instead of tackling to big things… how about one?

Boom. Already we are half as intimidated. Our focus increases and there is less potential for guilt or mistakes. Now… let’s go one step further…

Instead of making one big lifestyle change, let’s pursue a mini-change in that area instead. A mini-change that will surely take some effort, but is completely reasonable, doable, and a step in the right direction. This seemingly small, negligible change is going to be your catalyst toward success in bigger changes ahead.


Because we humans FEED off of victory! Once we get a taste of victory… we want MORE. So that one small change, will likely lead to another. And with your newly found confidence in being able to overcome, you will be likely to choose something that might be a little bit more challenging! And before you know it… the small, healthy habits you made result in lifestyle change AND you may even be willing to take on yet another area.

Image result for small stepsOnce you feel the benefits of exercise or healthy eating, you crave more of feeling well! It is so much easier to prioritize exercise when you have first tackled healthy eating because now you have more energy! And, it is so much easier to prioritize healthy eating when you have first tackled exercise because you realize how you are undoing all that hard work by eating junk!

So instead of trying to completely change your lifestyle in two major areas, I encourage you to choose ONE and start small. Gain victory. Gain confidence. Gain momentum. Gain your health.

Not sure where to start or need help with accountability? I strongly encourage you to check out my group that is starting right after Thanksgiving! Click here to secure your spot!


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