Nurturing November Series

I am so excited to get this series started because so many people are in need of nurturing. When we thinking of the word nurturing… my guess is most people think of mothers. And while I really hope there are many mothers reading these blog posts, this is not just a booster series for mommas.nurturing november.png

This series is NOT about being a nurturer to OTHERS.

This series IS about nurturing YOU.

There are two ways I believe people neglect themselves today:

  1. Avoiding prioritizing the things and/or practices that enhance their well-being
  2. Spending all of their time and energy on taking care of others

You may do one or both of these, but the end result is you not taking care of you and depriving yourself of an abundant life.

And you may already be slinging out excuses right now as to why you can’t add ways to take care of yourself… not enough time… too needy of kids… work too much… too expensive… overwhelmed already… special circumstance… season of life… don’t really need it… that would be a luxury…

Can I have you stop? Can you please put all that aside and, instead, think about what your life would be like if you were able to take time to take care of you?

Are you sick of feeling guilty for snapping at your loved ones? Are you tired of feeling tired? Are you done with buying over-the-counter medications? Have you had enough of eating food you know isn’t good for you (and your family)? Are you woefully dependent on caffeine? Are you constantly wanting to flee your reality? Are your kids sick of hearing, “Not now!”?

This could all change if you were willing to take time to practice self-nurturing. So NOW the question is… how? There are so many ways to address taking care of you. We are going to spend this month covering the many ways you can add self-nurturing into your life. My guess is, however, you are aware of some of your needs!

Comment below with your favorite ways to take care of yourself and prepare to use this series as a self-nurturing experience too!


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