Fall. God’s vs Satan’s View of Life Alone; by Dan Sauter of Word Dependent Ministries


I think this may be a first… I have a male guest blogger! Goodness. I promise, I have nothing against a male perspective! And seriously… this post is PHENOMENAL! Dan Sauter and I met through social media and share a passion for the truth of God’s Word and desire for people to live abundant lives as God designed us to live. You will definitely see that Dan’s desire is to encourage you and help you toward a life that is filled with joy and peace through this guest post. Dan is a husband, father of 3, and heads up the organization Word Dependent. Word Dependent’s mission is to love others by helping guide people toward knowing Christ through the reading of the Bible and sharing God’s truth.

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We are not meant to live life alone. And God’s word testifies to this.

In the book of Genesis, after God created man, it says, “He saw that it was not good for man to be alone so He created for him a helper and she was called woman.”

The word friend or friends is used in the Bible 137 times.

When Jesus is nearing His time of crucifixion, He tells His disciples that He will be leaving them but He will send to them a Helper, the Holy Spirit, a friend so that they will never be alone.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt alone or had circumstances where you were alone for an extended period of time? This is obviously not a good thing, but it’s not good for reasons that you may not have thought of. When you are alone, especially for long periods of time it can, cause depression. When you’re alone like this it is an opportune time to for the Evil one to strike. That is exactly what he does. In fact, it is one of his go to tactics. He knows that when you are alone, you are at your weakest.

Image result for satan comes to steal kill destroyWhen Jesus had been in the desert fasting for forty days, Satan came to tempt Christ. No doubt Paul felt this loneliness when he sat in a Roman prison, and I would be willing to bet the apostle John did when he was banished to the island of Patmos. When you are alone like this, Satan will mess with your mind. If you allow him, he will give you all
kinds of crazy thoughts. He will try to make you doubt what you know about the goodness of God. He will lie to you. He will try to create in your mind situations that are not even real. If you allow him, he will lead you toward thoughts that cause you to make bad decisions. Why? In order to steal your testimony from you, OR, if you do not know Christ, to take your very soul.

Remember, Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy. It is important for you to have a godly
someone you can go to to talk. Someone to help you protect your mind.

Men are especially prone to loneliness like this. Most men now a days don’t development real friendships with other men. I mean real, deep friendships. The iron sharpens iron kind of friends. Men face many of life’s hardest struggles alone and often end up very wounded when they come out the other side… If they come out the other side.

20160804_200417.jpgI have been through a situation like this. My wife and I were separated for seven months.  It was the worst time in my life. I am the kind of person that never developed  friendships like the kind that I mentioned above. I basically went through those seven months virtually completely alone; with two exceptions. God gave me a friend. A godly man that I was able to talk to, vent to, and that was able to reel me in when I was on the edge and ready to jump. It is important to have friends like this. Not necessarily a bunch of them, but one or two that you can just spill your guts to. Someone you let in your “dugout” and that reads all your mail. You get my point? A friend that really knows everything about you.

I would also add that as you look for a friend like this, be sure to test everything they say and do against the Bible. Pray about them. Ask God for wisdom and insight. There are plenty of people that act like sheep and are really wolves. These people do not have your best interest in mind. If you run into people like this get away from them!

I think for most women it is a little easier  to share their feelings than it is for most men. It seems to me that making friends is easier for woman. They seem, to me, to be better at living in community. I know this isn’t always the case and there are exceptions for this on both the male and female sides of this issue, but a trend worth taking note of. Nonetheless, find godly people you can do life with.

Image result for Gods presenceNow… Remember how I said there were two exceptions to me going through my wife and mines separation? I told you how God provided me a godly friend. The other exception was God, Himself. If you have been around a Christian church for any length of time, you have
probably heard people talk about how God promises that He will always be with you and to
never leave you. I had heard that. I believed it too, but I don’t think I ever really experienced it to the level I did at that time in my life. I could actually feel God’s presence; like someone was sitting in the room with me,walking with me, or even going to work with me. It was a pretty incredible thing.

God promises if you come to Him, in the name of Jesus, and spend time building a relationship with Him, He will never leave you alone. How mind blowing is that? What an
awesome promise! If you don’t have that kind of relationship with God through Jesus the Christ I encourage you to pursue it. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you will not regret it. It is the best thing you can do. If you have questions about this or need help with how to pursue this sort of relationship with God, I would love to hear from you. You
can comment here or for more privacy go to my website (www.worddependent.weebly.com) and send a message on the prayer
requests and comments page.  (Facebook: Word Dependent)

Don’t do life alone. You were not created to. Seek God. Read your Bible. Find a good bible
teaching church (remember, test them) and get involved in making friends with God Himself and others.


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