Fall. Let Go of “Stranger Danger!”


Image result for stranger dangerHow can I say this?! No more stranger danger? In today’s society?

When you come down of your state of panic and realize that I am someone with a sound mind (thank you Lord)… let’s see what I really mean…

“Stranger Danger” is something we are taught when we are young; and rightfully so! There are FAR too many instances of child sexual abuse and other tragedies. “Stranger Danger” is 100% necessary for our children and their safety. But what about us adults?

Of course, I am not suggesting that you entrust your life to any random person out there to compromise your personal safety. What I am suggesting, however, is to get out of your comfort zone and connect with the people who come your way! There are plenty of familiar faces we see who are still strangers to us… like… OUR NEIGHBORS! Perhaps it is someone that you see on your commute, someone that shops at the grocery store when you do, the custodian at your work, someone who sits by you at church, the person you see at the gym, or the person that walks their dog past your home everyday.

Can we get over our “Stranger Danger” and start being neighbors. Can we stop intentionally avoiding interacting with others and be a community? Why do we assume the people we meet are going to take advantage of us, overwhelm us, ask for too much, be an inconvenience, a drain, or interfere with our much more important schedule and life? Doesn’t that sound humble and the type of person you want to be?

Image result for lonely neighborhoodLet me be the first to say, I AM SO GUILTY OF THIS. My husband and I recently moved and I have been able to think of all sorts of “Stranger Danger” excuses… “They are older than us” … “They are probably too busy” … “They probably aren’t happy with the amount of work we’ve done on the house” … “We are demographically so different” … “Aren’t they supposed to come to us?” … “They probably don’t want new friends” … “We should wait until our home is more hospitable.”

Branching out and getting over “Stranger Danger” is by no means easy (especially for us introverts), but it truly bring about a richness of life we would never have otherwise! When we have a community that supports each other, we feel like we belong. A sense of belonging is a crucial part of our overall well-being. When we feel as outcasts and that we don’t fit in, that negatively impacts our quality of life.

NFile:Many Hands (16859686419).jpgow some things we need support in are quite specific and sensitive… not something to share with everyone. But this does not mean you forego support… this means you need it MORE! I love how many online supports there are nowadays! Facebook is FULL of different groups to provide encouragement and support from people you never would have met otherwise. These online groups are a great way to embrace others and find the support you need.

The accessibility and lack of intimidation these groups provide is what has been what inspired me to have my business provide 100% online services. Online counseling, child behavior intervention, fitness therapy, and bootcamps… not only do these allow me to connect and provide support… but they allow “strangers” to also support each other! The group aspect that some of my services include bring an irreplaceable component that lets clients know they are not alone in this and find additional motivation to stick to their goals. If you are ready to stop doing life alone and join one of my groups or support services (ALL online!), fill out the contact form below and let’s get you on the path toward support and success!



We are meant to do life together. We will fall if we do not.
Next time we will talk about WHO to do life with… because not all we enter into relationship with can lift us up!


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