FALL: noun. result of doing life on your own

I love running monthly series. I know that this is not the typical way people run their blogs… but I love changing perspective, looking at truth in a new way, and using different metaphors to help understand life a little better.

I also love a good play on words.

THAT is what has inspired my new series for the month of October… FALL has arrived… and it got me thinking…

This may be the only time we easily accept a positive spin on something negative. Fall is when things begin to die, BUT, we see the beauty in it and have embraced many things that come with this season of life. Some of us allow ourselves to skip over the beauty and head straight to the woes of winter, aka, death… but many of us still choose joy in this foretelling season.

But FALL, is not a positive idea. Falling means something went awry. Falling is the result of something not going well. And in our life, I believe we fall when we do not seek out the support and help that we NEED. And this is not just those in a tough, stressful, life-altering, tragic season… we ALL need support ALL the time.

Life was not meant to be done alone, but together. Even those who are the ultimate introverts need to do life together. And even if you can “get by” on your own, or with just your immediate family… do you realize the richness of life you miss out on by not only pouring into others but letting others pour into you?

This month not only am I talking about how seeking support and asking for help are essential to your quality of life, but I am practicing it! There is no way that I could provide you with as quality of content without asking for others’ help and support! So I will be having SIX guests share their heart with you in regard to this important topic. All are confirmed and I am super excited for all of them!

Are you one to ask for help? If not, what is keeping you from doing so? Comment belowe so I can be sure to address your concerns this month!


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