September Series: Making WISE Investments

If you know me… you know that I hate spending money. If I have to spend money, you KNOW that I have done my research, budgeted appropriately, and will get bang for my buck. In our home, we don’t say that we can’t afford something. Instead, we say we don’t choose to spend our money on that – OR – that we need to save up for it.

It blows my mind how many people do not operate this way. How many people say that they can’t afford something important, and yet blow their money on things that don’t provide them with quality or value. Our culture spends SO much money on being entertained… something that lasts for a moment, often under-delivers, and never satisfies. We spend tons of money on over priced coffee, clothes, food (and I LOVE food), convenience items, unnecessary comforts, and junk that collects in our basements.

As a provider of mental health, wellness, and fitness services… I often hear that services are too expensive or that people wish they could afford them, but cannot.

As a person that lived on the equivalent of a Section 8 housing budget (BY CHOICE) for 5 years to be able to accommodate student debt and to save enough to put down nearly 50% on our first home… I am quite certain that there are expenses in almost everyone’s budget that can be cut.

I am not calling everyone to live that low and know that we are somewhat of an extreme example… but I can tell you that even in the midst of living with a tight budget, my husband and I were still able to afford niceties and budget for high quality/value products that prioritized our well-being. And without one single credit card or incursion of debt (not even a car note). Some things are just worth the money. Those things are to be planned for and saved for way in advance. How? By self-denial on luxuries that we somehow now believe are rights or normal living costs.

You don’t need a new wardrobe every season. You don’t need to eat out for lunch. You don’t need to buy convenience/packaged foods. You don’t need the latest technology. You don’t need a brand new car. You don’t need to get your nails done. You don’t need a million tools. You don’t need a tricked out car. You don’t need to go to the movies. You don’t need a mondo sports tv package. You don’t need your house air conditioned to 70 degrees. You don’t need tons of decorations. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts.

Now… I may have hit on one of your passions. And there are means for making allotments for some of those things. But let’s consider what you do need.

You need to take care of your mental well-being… if you are stressed, disheartened, discouraged,defeated, depressed, anxious, worried, on edge… how can you achieve a high quality of life?

You need to take care of your physical health… if you are tired, worn out, exhausted, sluggish, lacking sleep, out of shape, don’t fit in your clothes, feel embarrassed, unable to engage in any physical activity… can you truly feel as though you are getting the most of out life?

You need to be aware of your spiritual health… if you don’t know what you value, who you are, where your worth is from, what the purpose of your life is, what your morals are… do you really think you will be fulfilled?

Our mental, physical, and spiritual health are essential pieces of our quality of life. These things are worth our investing because they reap extremely valuable dividends… huge returns on investment! We so easily get side tracked with the tasty, shiny, innovative, flashy, temporary pleasures… and then we have nothing left to take care of the things that truly matter. And this only makes us feel more stressed!

Are you ready to get off this cycle? Are you ready to get on track with your health and wellness? I would love to talk through how we can work together to make sure you can afford taking care of you! I have many options and am happy to talk through your financial obstacles. Go to my client portal to schedule a 20 minute consultation:
Or email me to ask any questions you may have:

ALSO… I am currently offering a my first ever Online Fitness Therapy Group. This is a trial group, and therefore, extremely low cost! You can sign up at this link! This is a great way for you to “kill two birds with one stone” and prioritize your mental and physical health! I would love to have you join!


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