September Series:What to Expect From me in the Future!

pro pic.jpgI am CONSTANTLY dreaming about the endless possibilities of what Jillian Redefining Wellness can offer to people to help enrich and enhance their lives. As much as I wish that everything I dream of can become a reality all at once, I know that I have to pace myself and slowly build, adding services over time, so that, I can ensure every service I offer is at its best quality and delivers beyond expectations.

Quality service is at my heart. I want people to walk away from a session with me thinking that it was worth their time and be confident that the time and money invested will lead to positive life outcomes.

So at the moment, here are the 7 services I am offering, and then, I will share some of my future visions for Jillian Redefining Wellness… Oh… I’ll start with some free stuff!

#1 Free Webinar Training on Tuesday, October 11th at 6 pm Central.
TOPIC: MMM! Muscles, Mood Food, and the MindWe’ve all heard from… somewhere?… that exercise and proper nutrition are supposed to aid our mental well-being. But HOW? This webinar will address this subject and give you practical tools to “redefine” your wellness.

#2 Parenting Support Workshops
I offered my first free Parenting Support Workshop, and it went GREAT! If you missed the post on my parents’ feedback, click here! In the future I will be doing more free workshops and eventually start running regular quarterly groups that also include some individual sessions for a low price.

#3 Free Consultations
I provide free 20 minute consultations with no obligations for anyone who is looking for some encouragement or curious as to whether or not counselor or parent mentoring is right for them (detail on these services below!). Click here for my Client Portal to sign up today for your free consultation and schedule your own appointment. I will follow up on instructions for meeting with me online!

#4 FITNESS THERAPY! First group starts October 17th! (click this to register!)
Can you tell I am excited about this? This is the beginning of something BIG. Fitness therapy is all about utilizing exercise and nutrition as a part of someone’s treatment planning to help enhance their mental health and manage their stress naturally. My hope is for people to try this before trying medication to address more mild cases of mental health concerns. This first group will be a trial group, as well as, the next few groups, to ensure that client concerns and needs are addressed and a basic, effective, research-based framework is achieved. Spots are limited for the first group, grab your spot quick!

#4 Online Professional Counseling Services
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Illinois and provide professional counseling services to Illinois residents only (due to licensing laws). Counseling is all about growth and development. It is my joy to walk alongside clients to help them achieve their unique treatment goals. I am committed to providing services that are centered around what is best for you and helping you to discover your life purpose, effective coping mechanisms, and generate new perspective and ways to problem solve. Online services allow for flexibility and convenience!

#5 Online Parent Mentoring Services
Parent Mentoring is available to all people and is focused on addressing the needs and concerns of parents who are struggling with their day-to-day life circumstances. Most of my experience in counseling is with children/adolescents with behavior, mood/emotion, and spectrum disorders, as well as, their families/parents. My heart has grown for these parents because they work SO hard to provide for their kids’ needs and so often neglect their own needs. I desire to provide convenient care that uniquely solves parents’ problems and equips them to tools to gain victory in their parenting. Online services allow me to provide in home, discreet behavior observations. This is a premium service that is only achievable through online services. Meeting online also means… no babysitter needed and no need for make-up or changing out of your comfy clothes for an appointment!

#6 Online Bootcamps
I love and prioritize my own physical fitness, so I could not help but get involved in coaching people to pursue the same! I help people to select workouts that fit them best and then provide them with complimentary coaching for 3 weeks to help ensure they are held accountable, have all their questions answered, and get their nutrition on point! After 3 weeks, we can create new habits that help break the chains of old bad habits! I also provide nutritional products that enhance our overall body functioning… including our mental health… of course! If you are interested in one of my bootcamps you can email me at

#7 Coaching Opportunities
I also love empowering others to become online fitness coaches as well, or to diversify the current personal training services they provide already. I am part of a top notch team that works to inspire fitness professionals and enthusiasts to make significant impact and income to enrich others’ lives. If you are interested in joining me as a coach, please email me:


WOW… writing these all out pumps me up! I am so excited to be actively providing these services and being given the blessing to impact others’ lives for their well-being. I have SO many other dreams that I will be placing on hold for now… but here is what they are…

Trainings for mental health professionals to run Fitness Therapy Groups, Workout Gift Drives for Missionaries to provide those doing God’s work around the world with a way to stay physically fit, A ministry called Fit for HIM to help women find their true worth and be a good steward of their body, and publish many articles and present at professional conferences.

This is just the beginning for me… I look forward to all that is ahead and know that the hard work will be well worth it!


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