September Series: The Value of Services

There are so many products and services available to people today. You go online and there are 100s of options for you to choose from. How do you know what is truly of value? How do you know if you are wasting your money or making a wise investment? Sadly many of the people who are ripping you off are extremely good at convincing you they are legitimate. This has caused leery consumers and has driven many people to the “Self-Help” section, but leaving them with questions unanswered, motivation unfound, and problems persisting… but at least they didn’t waste their money… right?

I used to be JUST like this. Afraid to spend money on anything… mostly because I didn’t have any! But as time has gone on, I have realized that there are just some things worth investing in. Eventually you realize that it is not that you cannot afford something… it’s that you just don’t value it enough.

You value watching television over your or your child’s mental well-being.
You value getting food out every night over your back pain being cured.
You value getting the latest fashions over getting the emotional support that you long for.

It’s amazing how the things we think are inexpensive add up… and they take away opportunities for us to enrich our mental well-being. We think that certain things should be figured out with reading a book, doing things that are fun, or filling our bodies with substances. Funny thing is, people turn to these same vices and depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction, lack of self-worth, physical ailments, and loneliness persist.

You get what you pay for.

Counseling (and Child Behavior Coaching) is something I believe in because it’s something I have seen change people and families. People who thought the money wasn’t worth it at first and then their minds were changed because of the freedom, positive change, and growth they experienced.

I understand that it may seem expensive to pay for an hour of counseling… but it is not just that hour you are paying for. Most of the work in counseling happens between sessions! Now, that is not to minimize what happens in a session, it simply means that the content you cover and the benefits of service extend beyond that hour into the rest of your week! You aren’t simply paying for counseling or coaching, you are investing in your quality of life and reaping the inner longings of your heart. You are getting the relief that your child will turn out ok… the confidence that you are parenting well… the break from phone calls from your child’s school… the peace you long for at home… the restored hope that your family is happy and your relationships are healthy.

I would never, however, ask someone to invest in something that they are not sure will be of benefit to them. So, I make sure to provide every persona with a free 20 minute consultation. And while it is free, I will not compromise my care for you. Are you ready to invest in yourself and see positive change and growth? Go to my client portal to get your free consultation and let’s help you make a wise investment to enrich your quality of life.



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