September Series: Parent Support Workshop Recap!

This series is all about giving you unique insights into who I am and the services I provide.

On September 12th, I launched my first ever FREE Parenting Support Workshop! I was hoping to have 25 awesome parents sign up and we ended up with over 30 throughout the course! I was so honored to be able to earn these people’s trust and provide them with professionally sourced information, tips, support, and encouragement.

We covered A TON of topics… in fact… I will be honest to say that I probably threw too much at them all at once! But over-delivering is surely better than under-delivering! And if I am even more honest… I was always that kid that wrote a 10 page paper when you were supposed to write a 4 page paper. I even remember in 1st grade when prepping for the state exam, my teacher came up to me and told me to stop writing so much and write something that I can finish during the test!

Topics covered included: whining, tantrums, attitude problems, lack of motivation, hyper-sensitivity, childhood depression and anxiety, parents’ impact on kids emotionally, coping skills, problem solving, consequences, punishments, brain and child development, normal vs clinical behavior, emotion management, and more! (Next time this will be more than a week long!)

These parents in the group had BIG hearts for their kids and the discussion, questions, and engagement were excellent. I was so proud of the parents that were able to immediately apply strategies discussed in my live videos or written posts. Not only did they use them, but they found them to be effective; getting positive responses from their children! Parents were excited to find new ways to address common problems in their homes.

Here are some quotes from the week…

“I tried the hot cocoa trick with my boys today and they loved it. All smiles. My one son has a tendency to be ‘the boy who cried wolf,’ so I think it was on this video that you shared small, medium and large problems and the proper responses. So we were discussing that today too. How if he freaks out about small things then when he actually does have a big problem then I don’t act as quickly because I assume it’s another small problem. So we talked about some coping skills for if he gets frustrated. 🙂 Great practical tips!!” – Anonymous Parent

Your tips for tantrums have worked very well for my 4 yr old. He has a speech delay so tantrums have been his go to coping mechanism. When he starts ‘noise pollution’ as I call it, I take him to the safe space of his bedroom and come in about every 5  minutes to let him know that when he is ready to talk, then I can help him. He’s very receptive after the tantrum passes.” – Anonymous Parent

Loved the consequence vs punishment wording. So true and makes a lot of sense. I’ve started using the word consequence more consistently today. I’ve used it before but on and off with punishment. Thank you! Also, with the whining it helped this morning to tell my daughter simply and gently, ‘That is the answer. It is not changing.’ She actually responded, ‘Oh okay.’ Phew.” – Anonymous Parent

Thank you for having me in the group you are great at what you do.” – Anonymous Parent

“It was very fun and enriching to be apart of your group. I have to admit that when you first invited me, I thought, k, she’s not a parent. But  … there’s something really refreshing about that perspective. I usually get my parenting advice from older parents or peers so to get some professional answers was really a good spin on things. I just think this is a really great idea for ‘homebound’ busy parents because we could do it at times that were convenient for us.” – Anonymous Parent

Are you interested in getting some parenting support? I would love to partner with you and provide you with the care and support you need and deserve! My online services are super convenient and allow you to have your therapy session from your smartphone, tablet, or computer! No babysitter… no commute… just click a link and have a video conferencing session with me!

Go to for a FREE 20 minute consultation! I would love to have the honor of enriching your your life to in turn enrich the life of your family!


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