September Series: Simple Solutions

Wow. That’s a whole lotta “S”s!

I didn’t even purposely plan to make that happen… it’s just genuinely something I am all about when it comes to the services I provide. Why?

Because YOU want simple solutions. Simplicity is something people crave. Complicated, drawn-out, messy, convoluted, minutia, over-done… no one wants that! SO many things in life are over-complicated and it steals time and other resources from us that could be put to much better use. When we simplify, we are able to “trim the fat” and live efficiently. Efficiency NEVER compromises quality, it simple addresses whatever needs to be addressed in as quick and succinct a manner as possible; without making a compromise.

Why is simplicity often thrown to the wayside? Why have processes become more and more complex? I believe a lot of this comes from large corporate or government models and entities. When you have services stretched out across a large area (e.g. entire state… multiple states… entire country), there are certain regulatory practices that need to be put in place to ensure that there is a sense of consistency. Regulatory practices mean MORE time and effort that has nothing to do with providing direct services to consumers. So, you end up paying more money for services and having your services take longer because someone has to be hired to complete these regulatory practices.

Now, when it comes to you being able to pursue services, that even gets complex! Sometimes just leaving your home or finding enough time to pursue the things you desire or need is difficult enough on its own! Taking care of kids, making sure food is prepped, having a somewhat organized/clean home, not completely abandoning your pet, having some family time, or actually a moment to yourself… these are all things that need to be factored in when you are trying to figure out if you can even leave your home.

I have largely taken the idea of simplicity into the services I provide clients. Why? Because my main clientele are busy, hard-working parents who are under-served and sacrifice the support they need and desire.

Therefore, I have online counseling and parent mentoring services that allow you to have your session anywhere that you have your smartphone or tablet! You can finish grocery shopping, hop in your car and have your session if you need to! You can meet with me on your lunch break, during nap time, or before kids get home from school… WITHOUT having to factor in  commuting or getting ready to leave the house (ladies… you know what I’m talking about!).

I am also able to do in home observations of your child (under 11 years old) and actually see what you are experiencing on a day to day basis and give you feedback. With my present via webcam, your child will not alter their behavior because someone is watching!

I provide free 20 minute consultations so you don’t have to spend money to see if you and I are a good fit to work together. Simple. Click here for a free consultation!

My fitness and nutrition services also provide you with simple solutions. Bootcamps are run online, so you don’t have to show up at a certain time; just do the workouts when it fits in your schedule. Don’t worry… I send lots of texts, reach out in our online group (which you can browse at your convenience), and do a weekly phone call to help keep you accountable and avoid all those excuses that come up! Plus, workouts are done at home, saving commute time and all that other time that seems to magically disappear at the gym. Interested in doing an online bootcamp? Email me for my next session!

When it comes to nutrition… I provide shakes that are not just a protein shake, but supply you with all your nutritional needs so that your body stops telling you that you are hungry! So often our body tells us we are hungry and we just give it calories instead of nutrients. Shakeology is a simple, quick, easy way to make sure that your body is getting what it needs AND still getting it from actual food sources. You would have to drink SO many green smoothies to get the same amount of nutrients in Shakeology. I also love to guide people to use a unique container system to help them know how much of each type of food to eat, as well as, portion control…WITHOUT counting calories (yes!).

Simple solutions because that is what people want and need. Simple because it makes it worth your time and monetary investment. Simple because I simply want to serve people the best I possibly can. I hope to receive a simple message from you, to help you enrich your life and live it to its fullest!


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