September Series: What Cyber Bullying and Online Counseling Have in Common

Does this idea surprise you?

How could I take something SO negative and damaging and compare it to something that is supposed to be live-giving and helpful????

Besides the obvious commonality of these being activities that happen online, there is another aspect that these two activities have in common.

That same aspect is why cyber bulling is so prevalent AND why online counseling is so effective! Amazing how something can have such negative or positive implications.

I’ll get right to it… People feel more comfortable, more bold, more safe/secure, less vulnerable, less intimidated, less inhibited…

When there is a screen barrier between him/her and someone else.

Image result for trolls memeSo many of the nasty comments made by trolls or cyber bullies would never be said to a person’s face. No one would have the audacity or the courage to say such horrible things to an actual human being that is within arm’s reach.

Now… let’s translate that concept to online counseling…

There are so many stories, subjects, traumas, hurts, insecurities, inner thoughts, etc. that people are hesitant to share with someone. With the “protection” provided by a screen, people feel more willing and “safe” to share some of these very things! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the process of building a therapeutic relationship. But sometimes, that process can take months of sessions before someone if really willing to share some of their intimate, vulnerable information.

20160913_131155-1.jpgAs a counselor, I want to help people as soon as I possibly can! If that takes years, months, or weeks. Utilizing online methods, people’s therapeutic needs often get met sooner because we can dive into the meaty, pertinent information quicker! Of course this is not 100% consistent; there are always outliers. But, for the most part, people are more comfortable opening up to someone that they will never have to see (physically) face-to-face.

This is such good news! Not only is only is online counseling WAY more convenient, it is also potentially way more effective and efficient! Effective and efficient are what people desire in their investments. So, I am thrilled to be able to provide a service that uniquely meets peoples needs.

Are you in need of some support or counseling? I offer 30 and 50 minute sessions to meet your time and budget constraints. If you are interested in seeing if online counseling is for you, go to my client portal and sign up for a free 20 minute consultation. We can talk about your needs, goals, questions, and concerns. Here is the link to sign up:

So what are your thoughts about online counseling? I would love to read about them, so feel free to comment below!

Also, feel free to share this post with someone in need!


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