September Series: My Heart for Families… Including my Own!


Today’s society has largely overhauled the definition of family. While there are some people who still view family in a traditional sense, there are many who have decided to craft their own views and definitions of family. This is completely understandable given the circumstances! So much pain, hurt, separation, disappointment, neglect, manipulation, confusion, brokenness, and change happens within family units today. Changing how family is conceptualized and defined is simply a natural consequence of these difficult realities. Redefining is simply a means of coping with one’s reality to not feel rejected and to maintain being a part of something. We all desire to belong and be loved.

Family is the institution where we are supposed to find belonging and love; regardless of what we do or do not bring to the table. No one gets to choose what family they are born to. There is no pre-womb lottery or bidding system to get into your family of choice. So when your family lets you down, it is extremely difficult to overcome and cope.

The issues of a family are often passed down for generations to come… many times getting worse if the issues are unrecognized. It saddens my heart because I know there are hurting people and families out there that literally know no other way to exist than the way they were raised and the experiences they had while growing up. Some people don’t have a chance to change their family’s ways unless they seek help outside of their normal environment. For many people, they would love to do that but feel they do not have the time or the access.

THESE REALITIES ARE FUELING MY PASSION! My heart hurts for those hurting… for those that feel stuck… for those that are not aware of their options… for those who desire change but don’t have time or the ability to get out to get the help they need.

***And can I be honest to say that this is spread across all races, all genders, all socioeconomic statuses, all religions, all ages. No demographic is immune to this!***

Do you find yourself trying and never feeling successful at raising your kids? Are you confused as to why your family feels so dysfunctional? Are you at a loss for knowing where to even start to make things better in your home? Have you started to see things from your childhood creep into your parenting and don’t like it? If so…


We are so influenced by our environment! And even if we do not like the way we were raised or what we experienced as children, the truth is… we may not know any other way! Not to mention, we have our parents genetics… so we are prone to follow in their footsteps. Are you wanting change? Are your children throwing you curve balls that you just don’t know how to handle? Are you tired of trying so hard and feeling like a failure as a parent at the end of everyday?

PLEASE, know there is hope for you! This reality does not need to continue. If you are brave enough to admit this, I am so proud of you. Your next step, is to get the help and assistance you know, deep down, that you need. Is a happy, healthy home worth your investment? Is feeling satisfied and at peace when you lay your head down at night worth 30 to 50 minutes of your week? If so, let’s work together to implement change in your family today. Click HERE to schedule your free 20 minute, online video consultation with me. We can discuss your needs, hopes, and start to put together a plan to get you on track toward your family goals.

I am so glad to provide these services to people who recognize the importance of their families. I so value family and have a strong desire to love and provide for my own as well. This is another reason why I decided to start Jillian Redefining Wellness! My heart for my own family encourages me to be able to work from home so I can be as present as possible and not over-stretched. I took the risk of quitting my job to work at home to provide for my family. I am taking extreme measures! Are you ready to take a step too? I’m not asking you to quit your job! I’m asking you to take time for yourself to receive counsel or mentoring to enrich yourself, so you can in turn enrich your family! Ready? Click here and let’s begin your journey toward change and a happy, healthy home!

Questions? Comments about your childhood or current family situation? Comment below! Or contact me at


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