September Series

I wanted to take a month to dedicate my time to making sure that my mission, passion, experience, vision, and purpose are all clearly communicated. There are so many options for services today and so I want to make sure that my unique offerings and person are openly communicated so you can learn to trust me as someone to influence your life.

We are bombarded with so much information on daily basis and so much of it is spammy, self-serving, and unrealistic. My desire is to be completely transparent and open about where I came from, who I am, and what I have to offer. That is what this series is all about.

me new houseI will be discussing:

  • Why I address mental, physical, and spiritual health
  • What specific services I have to offer
  • The reasons behind creating Jillian Redefining Wellness
  • Why I run my business the way I do
  • Short term and long term visions
  • Why I am focusing on serving parents
  • My unique qualifications
  • Why my services are ALL online
  • My personal story
  • Testimonies of people I work with

That is a lot to cover in a month, but I believe you deserve to know these things if you are going to trust me to provide you services; whether those are receiving my free, public content or services that you financially invest in. I do not take the potential influence I have on people lightly, but rather very seriously. It is my hope to enrich your life so that you, in turn, can also enrich others. You all deserve my best, professional, ethical, truthful, life-giving services. I refuse to provide anything less than that!

Please feel free to comment with any feedback or questions you have! You can also contact me directly at


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