>>Defeating Daily Demons<< Closing the Series!

August has been quite the month!

This series has covered SO many topics! My hope is that some of your struggles have been addressed and you have been able to find some tips, tricks, and ways to cope with your “demons.” And while I covered many topics on this blog (11!), there have been even more covered through my video series as well.

If you did not catch my Periscope or Facebook Live broadcasts this month, please head over to my YouTube Channel to discover how to defeat even more daily demons.

Below is a list of “demons” we covered this month. I have linked the ones that have blog posts and the topics that have videos available on my YouTube Channel… because some of us are better at learning through listening than reading!

Introduction [blog]


For Parents Who Feel Like No One Understands What They Are Going Through
My Child Does Not Respond to Discipline
My Anxiety is Affecting My Kids
Are Your Children Sexting?
My Child is Not Eating Enough
My Child’s Eating is Out of Control [blog]
My Child is Self-Harming [blog]
I FEEL Like A Single Parent [blog]
My Child Splits My Spouse (or Ex) and Me (*most viewed!!)
Parent-Child Power Struggles[blog]

LIVE TRAINING on How to STOP Arguing With Your Kids


I am Unhappy With My Body [blog]  
How to Overcome PERMA-Hunger (I’m always hungry!!!) [blog]
Getting Off the Exercise Roller Coaster
I Don’t Know Where To Start [blog]


Struggling with Finances (with opportunity given!)
Everyone Lets Me Down
Constantly Feeling Insufficient
My Spouse Disagrees With My Faith [blog]
Prayer is Getting Me Nowhere [blog]

Pay Off of Defeating Daily Demons: Strength!
Pay Off of Defeating Daily Demons: Prepared for the Future
When Pain is Good
God Created Us for Community [blog]

Wrapping Up the Series

If you would like to further discuss one of these issues in your life, please go to:


You can sign up for a free 20 minute consultation with me via video conferencing. No need to be tech savvy! You just need a phone, tablet, or laptop/computer with a webcam. I would love to give you my time and service to help you find hope and help in your journey.

Which of the above topics did you find helpful? Any that you would like me to talk about in the future? Feel free to comment below with your thoughts and feedback! AND… stay tune for my next series!





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