>>Defeating Daily Demons<< Sacred Sunday: God Created Us For Community

Daily demons… aka frustrating, nagging, ever-present struggles that never seem to cease.

We ALL have our “demons.” But we were not meant to handle them on our own. God did not create humans for them to live in isolated homes, solving their own problems, and keeping to themselves. Yes, this means you have to be vulnerable. Yes, this means someone could judge you. Yes, this means people will know you don’t have it all together… but neither do they!

I can only imagine what life could be if we all stopped pretending we were so strong, so able, and so “above” problems and struggles. It breaks my heart that so many people are completely without a support system. They can’t go to family, friends, church, neighbors, etc. to get the support they need.

Our lives have become so filled with work, busyness, and achieving that we don’t take care of each other anymore. We are so worried about paying off bills and affording things are actually luxuries, instead of being present in our communities and serving each other.

I found this busyness to be a huge reality in my life. Working full time, commuting, working out, cooking meals, taking care of my home, investing in my marriage, being involved in church, and every once in a while… breathing… This all made it so I felt unable to serve the people around me. This is a BIG reason behind me starting Jillian Redefining Wellness! I wanted to be able to work toward being present in my community and fulfilling the realistic needs of others.

Do you have a support system? Do you have someone you can trust, connect with on a regular basis, and receive help and encouragement? If not, my heart goes out to you. If you are without support, chances are your mental health is struggling. A solid support system is one of the most important resources for being mentally well! If you are going without support, would you consider allowing me to work with you? I would love to be a support for you and help you to overcome the fears, barriers, and doubts that are keeping you from connecting to others and getting the support and love you need.

You were not meant to do this alone. Let’s connect for 20 minutes, at zero cost to you.


Click the link to schedule a free 20 minute consultation. We can talk about your needs and see if working together would fulfill your needs in this season of your life.

Comment below on ways that having community has helped you, or, how counseling has allowed you to feel supported!


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