>>Defeating Daily Demons<< Tasty Tuesday: I'm ALWAYS Hungry!

This is what i like to call: PERMAhunger!

I was a sufferer of PERMAhunger for a long time. Can anyone relate? You are trying to eat healthy, trying to be “good,” watching your portion sizes, and you just don’t feel satisfied. This , OF COURSE, is super discouraging and often why people throw in the towel when it comes to healthy eating.

I always thought that it was a food quantity issue… so choose more veggies, low fat protein, fruits… and less fatty foods, carbs, and sugar. The fist set of foods take up more room in your stomach for less calories; so this has to be the answer.

This is kind of the answer… but not the whole enchilada (ooooo… those sound tasty right now!)

I was amazed to discover that it was not about the quantity of the food I was eating… but rather the nutrient quality and density. Once I was finally giving my body the micro-nutrients that it was craving, the PERMAhunger disappeared! Here is why…

>>Science moment<<

When we are hungry, we often assume that it is because we need more food… which we liken to calories… Our assumption is further from the truth! Our body can signal hunger if it is only craving nutrients! If we continue to eat food, but neglect to give our body the vitamins and nutrients it needs… it craves… we will just keep feeling hungry!

Now… your response may be that you ARE eating the right foods that are nutritious for you; but the sad thing is most of our food’s actual nutrient density is lower than what we would expect. And even if you take vitamins, it is likely that you are not actually absorbing all they claim to offer you. So what is the way to finally quiet the PERMAhungry monster?

My answer is a superfood nutrition shake. All of your nutrients in one go that is from actual food and not added in laboratory made vitamins and minerals like SO many of the cheap nutrition shakes out there. And WAY better than juicing because juicing takes a TON of veggies and fruits, but strips away the fiber that helps to make you full and regulate your system… AND without that filling fiber, you are getting ALL the calories from those foods without the fill that they are supposed to come with… which can lead to adding way more calories than need be into your diet.

Shakeology has been my answer and the answer to many clients. I have yet to find a product that is comparable or as satisfying as this. When it comes to giving my body what it needs to stay healthy, prevent sickness, get enough protein, have proper nutrients, improve my digestion, kill my sweet-tooth, and crush PERMAhunger… I’m all about investing in something that actually works. Shakeology works and solves all of those problems for me! Are you willing to see if it does the same for you?

Try a Sample Pack to see which flavor(s) you like best! If you hate them all, send it back and get your money back. You have nothing to lose! There is a regular sample pack and a VEGAN sample pack! Great way for those of you who eat vegetarian or vegan to get sources of protein/amino acids that are difficult to get in your dietary lifestyle.

Shakeology 7-Day Sampler

Shakeology Vegan Taste Sampler

Have questions? Skeptical? I WAS! I have done a lot of research on this product because I commit hard earned money to it every month. If you want more information or have questions, you can fill out the private comment box below or email me at JillianRedefiningWellness@gmail.com


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