>>Defeating Daily Demons<< Workout Wednesday – I Don't Know Where to Start

Let me just start off by saying this was TOTALLY me about a year ago! Despite being active my entire life… soccer/softball/track/volleyball/basketball from age five all through high school… soccer in college… and then running beyond that… I had no real idea how to be holistically fit. I knew that, in theory, I should be doing some strength training, but the idea of it was terrifying to me. I did not want to do it wrong and bulk up or not burn enough calories to keep up with my 30 miles of running a week.

Do you have no idea where to start when it comes to your fitness? Or are you 100% of track and know of so many people that want to get fit, try to get fit, and either quit or are not getting results because they have no idea what to do? If you answered yes to either of these questions, this post is for you. I will chat with you who are unsure of working out first… fitness influencers and lovers be patient; you want them to get help first anyway, right?!

There is SO much information out there on the internet that can tell you how to get fit… but which sources are reliable? How long should you workout for? Are those 10 minute workouts really enough to get that “sexy booty” or “moviestar arms” or “rockhard abs”?? How often should you work certain parts of your body? Everyday, once a week? What about cardio… is that more important than strength training?


This was exactly where I was and I WASTED hours of my life searching for more information, more videos, more articles… that all gave my conflicting information, just leaving me with more and more questions.

So why is this such a confusing process? Why does it seem impossible to learn how to get fit despite all this research and information at our finger tips? HERE IS MY THEORY…

Working out involves motion, bodily movement… therefore the best way to learn it is through kinesthetic learning!! AKA… learn by DOING. I had a plethora of head knowledge, but until I acquired 2 all-encompassing, complete workout series… I could not master this area of my life. After completing two workout series, I suddenly had the know-how and confidence to approach my workouts and make daily plans for myself. And now, days that I feel mentally lazy, I have awesome reliable workouts to pop into my blue-ray and get my sweat on. They are also great “check-ins” to help me see if I have been slacking and to get back on track. I am so confident in these programs that I highly recommend them to everyone in need of fitness help AND offer free coaching services to those who acquire them through me.

For my birthday (woot!), my desire is to influence as many people as I can to get fit. SO, the day before I am starting an online group for people ready to get fit… SEPTEMBER 19th is the start date and the group will last 3 weeks! Snag one of the workouts below and I will coach you for FREE… weekly phone calls or video conferences, daily check-ins and motivation, my unique problem-solving strategy to help you discover what mental life roadblocks you have that keep you from following through (that is the professional counselor in me!), help with food and nutrition! CLICK HERE for a workout that require no equipmentCLICK HERE for a workout that is efficient, and requires low weights and a resistance band.

NOW… for those of you who have your fitness on point and have a desire for others to be informed and finally have victory in their fitness endeavors… I would LOVE for you to join me in my coaching efforts. I am looking for motivated, hard-working, fitness AND people loving ladies who want to influence others to get fit and healthy. If this sounds like you, it is time to take your passion and turn it into service. We were given passions for a reason → To do good an impact the world! CLICK HERE to fill out a mini interest form so you can get more information about this opportunity. You will be sure to get top-notch training in how to coach effectively and how to make sure you are successful in your endeavors! I don’t want you to fail or to feel like you are wasting your time!

I am so excited to provide opportunities to equip you with the type of learning that will be effective and allow you to finally have victory in your fitness endeavors AND opportunities to get others on board to become fitness influencers!

What are your questions about workouts? Leave them below and I will try to answer them as best as possible… and if I don’t know the answer… I will ask my awesome team of fitness professionals and enthusiasts to get you the right information!



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