>>Daily Demons<< Workout Wednesday: I am Unhappy with My Body

This is a demon that is very familiar to most… So many mommas have such negative views about their bodies. Of course, part of the process of having children often comes with weight gain, stretching, shifting, and scarring… amongst other surprising changes! After a woman has a baby, her body will never be the same. BUT, her body does not have to be a source of disappointment, frustration, or loss of hope. This demon does not have to reign!

We all know that there are women out there who bounce back and made huge strides toward getting a fit, healthy body! PLEASE notice, I am not mentioning specific weights, pants sizes, or features… being healthy is what is important here (this can look SO different for different people)! Here is a secret… there is absolutely nothing special or unique or fortuitous about these women who have bounced back… Women who bounce back are diligent, purposeful, work hard, and decidedly choose to prioritize their physical health. They don’t allow this demon of dissatisfaction to take up residence.

Every woman’s schedule, needs, and abilities are going to look extremely different in this venture of physical fitness… but I want to assert that everyone has the ability to pursue it, despite their limiting factors. It may be more difficult for you than someone else, but it is still possible! It might take more time and you may need to be more creative in your methods, but it is possible!

I believe there are 3 key factors to achieving a state of contentment with your mom-bod… or dad-bod (sorry for leaving you all out so far… I know that fatherhood takes a toll on your as well that can lead to fitness struggles as well)!! Address these and I believe you can finally be happy with the skin you are in. And if you want support in your journey to embracing your body and getting healthy, contact me and I will walk that road with you!

(1) Your Mindset
Nothing is going to change until you change your mind. Our mindset dictates our success! When we continually speak negative, self-deprecating, and defeating thoughts to our self, we will not make progress. We need to speak life to our inner self. What are 3 positive things you can recite about yourself? I tell myself that I am intelligent, healthy, and desired. This is not to become egotistical or to elevate myself above others; it is to speak truth and allow me to walk in confidence and gratitude for what I have been blessed with. Stop the negative self-talk, speak life AND remember why this is important. Do not let all the lies and noise of society get to you. Taking care of your body is not selfish. When you are healthy and well, you serve others at your very best. Your family deserves you at your best… not your run-down-exhausted-defeated-insecure-worn-out-sick-and-tired self! You can find a way to fit it in when it becomes important and life-giving… instead of something you view as a time sink or selfish endeavor.

(2) Your Eating Habits
This is honestly going to be a significant part of your battle! What foods you are putting in your body will be your means toward transformation. You could workout 2 hours a day, but if your nutrition is out of wack, you will make no progress. There are some tough realities that need to be swallowed when it comes to nutrition that are hard to embrace at first, but once you do… it is so freeing! It is freeing because you feel good, have energy, spend less money, and see results. I could do an entire post on this subject (I have!!!), but I think it is best summed up by saying: get rid of all the C.R.A.P. in your diet… Carbonated beverages, Refined sugar (IT IS EVERYWHERE!), Artificial sweeteners (they are not your key to weight loss… they are sneaky sabotagers!!), and Processed foods. Our body was not created to utilize these items as a fuel source and so the body has to figure out how to deal with them … instead of burning calories. And when there is excess… it gets stored with your fat cells. Sound helpful to your life… or more demon-esque??? Eat real, unpackaged foods as much as possible. And get your nutrients from real food sources; not vitamins pills. Here is my fave way to ensure I am getting all my nutritional needs met.

By the way… if you are worried that your kids won’t eat this type of food or if you don’t know of any recipes… I’ve got you covered! I would love to do a FREE consultation with you to best fit your family’s needs! Sign up HERE (I promise the consult is 100% free, no strings attached)!

(3) Your Activity Level
You may have never guessed that your activity level would be the third item on a list of how to be content with your body once again, but alas, here it is! A sedentary lifestyle is common in today’s society and we have so many gizmos and gadgets that do all the hard work for us. We need to be intentional about being active. Our bodies were made to MOVE! Ideally, this would look like 30 minutes at least 5 times a week, utilizing some cardio and some strength training. Just cardio or just strength can help; but the combination is most effective for burning the most calories and for boosting your metabolism. Adding exercise into your routine may seem like the most difficult of these 3 objectives. Schedule changes are absolutely tough and it can seem a bit stressful at first when you are changing your routine. But, if you stick to it, you will adjust, your kids will adjust, your spouse will adjust. You can even find ways to allow them to get involved. Littles love to watch their parents workout and will even try to do some of the moves! What a great example you can set for your kids; to prioritize their physical health. I would love to help you get started with an extremely effective and efficient workout plan.

Contact me if you are ready but need some help and direction! My coaching style is more than just providing accountability. I help you to discover your barriers, address your negative thoughts, problem solve to overcome barriers, provide recipes, and make sure you have a solid plan before you start a new week. Let’s take down this demon together and get you on the victory path toward health and contentment.


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