H☼T Topics – Closing Remarks…

July has FLOWN by and we discussed many topics this month!

The great thing about chewing on HOT Topics is that it helps to engage your brain to consider important issues and to take a stand on them. Perhaps you did not agree with everything I shared over this past month… and that is okay with me! What I hope is that reviewing these topics has given you an opportunity to engage your brain and encourage you toward taking a stand and finding out what you truly believe and value.

It is so important to know our inner values and core beliefs because if we are living in a way that does not cooperate with them, we end up having living with the stress of feeling fraudulent or as if we are failing at life. Incongruency never produces contentment. There may be beliefs you have that you are not even aware of! Finding out what they are is so important and the key to us living a life of contentment.

What was your favorite topic this month? I am including links to all the posts in the series below for you to access just in case you missed some ( 😉 ) or if you wanted to review the content! The live video broadcasts are included too… just in case you would rather listen than read!

Introduction to HOT Topics     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why I’m NOT All About That Bass     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

How to Disrespect Your Spouse     (LIVE Video Broadcast, Part 1 Part 2)

What Not To Say to Someone Struggling with Depression     (LIVE Video Broadcast, Part 1Part 2)

Dear Gluten Free Snobs     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why Millennials Are Rejecting Family     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Rethinking the Marriage Debate     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Eating Healthy… Why It’s STILL Getting You Nowhere     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why I’m Embarrassed of My House     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Why Christians Should Stop Obsessing Over God’s Will     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Aspergers and Autism     (LIVE Video Broadcast)

Scale Fixation     (LIVE Video Broadcast, Part 1Part 2)

When to Keep Your Mouth Shut (with family)     (LIVE Video Broadcast)



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