>>Daily Demons<<

Life is hard.

And then you add children to the mix… and it gets harder. Their lives are hard… and you are in charge of them! Parenting is full of day-to-day struggles.

It surely has its joyous, beautiful, inspiring, cherishing moments… but the day to day grind is hard. No one is without their daily hardships. You know? Those things in life that never seem to go away? They nag and nag; sometimes letting up, only to come back full force later on. Every person and every family has their plaguing problems… what I like to call:

>>Daily Demons<<

Everyone is haunted or followed by something different, but, I think it is safe to say that we would all like to slay our daily demons and have victory over them! We have had enough of them derailing us personally and on our families!

When it comes to dealing with these demons, however, we don’t always know the best approach. Some people ignore them, some surrender to suffering, some lose hope, some befriend their demon(s), and others lie in wait for them to attack. This is not how we were meant to live! We were created with a purpose and meant to live full, abundant lives… to thrive!

Living a full life, however, does not mean we will avoid pain, trials, heartaches… OR demons (figurative or real). Part of a full life includes having victory over those demons… which means…

We must figure out how to battle, cope with, and overcome them!

Some of us may never be free from the demons we face, but that does not mean we need to continually fall prey to them or that our life is cursed or without hope. We absolutely can find ways to handle our daily demons by learning more about them, knowing how they wiggle their way into our lives, preparing ourselves to face them, and knowing where to turn for help when they are coming full force.

THAT is what this series is about. Let’s equip you to defeat your daily demons so that you and your household are thriving and gaining victory over life’s challenges.

Examples are… feeling alone, power struggles, mental illness, rebellious children, feelings of failure, relational strife, health struggles… I will be addressing these via my blog (here) AND via LIVE broadcasts on Facebook and Periscope.

Stay tuned!! And comment below with your daily demon(s) that are about to GO DOWN!

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