H☼T Topics – Workout Wednesday: Scale Fixation

When it comes to measuring our health, our culture is fixated with a number on a scale… aka… our weight. Some people weigh themselves multiple times a day and allow their mood to fluctuate along with the ever rising and falling numbers they see. Unfortunately, a number on a scale gives you so little information about your actual health or fitness level. It may be a place to start or reference point, but the fact that we have allowed it to become the primary means of determining our health is the reason so many of us get discouraged!

So why am I talking about this? Because pursuing wellness should be an uplifting experience! So many people try to lose weight or get lean, but just feel discouraged and give up. When we associate getting healthy with discouragement, OF COURSE, we are never going to willingly choose to pursue it! Why would we willingly make ourselves feel bad? SO, let’s talk about a way for you to feel good as you seek to get healthy.

Your weight fluctuates greatly throughout the day. It depends on the amount of fluids you are drinking, how often you are having bowel movements, timing of your meals, water retention, or which clothes you are wearing. In other words, the number you see is not giving you ALL the information about your body.

Beyond your daily fluctuations, we have to keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat AND takes up less space than fat. So if you have two people that weigh 150 pounds, but one is 25% body fat and the other is 18% body fat, their sizes will be very different. The person with 18% body fat will be wearing a smaller jeans size, regardless of weighing the same as the other person.

Now, this is not me advocating for us to constantly keep track of our body fat percentage, rather, I am more so advocating that we should ditch the scale and not use it as our gauge for progress. If you weigh 200 pounds and your ideal weight range is between 130-140, then yes, losing weight is important… but I do not believe obsessing over today’s number on the scale should be your primary means of tracking your progress. Why?

Because you will likely get more discouraged tracking your weight than if you were to track how your clothes fit, how much energy you have, and the visual differences you see in your body.

When pursuing getting healthy, adding in a new fitness routine and nutrition plan are crucial to your success. Ideally, this plan would include strength or resistance training. When it comes to strength training there is often a funky impact on your weight. You gain muscle (yay!), so your weight can go up… BUT, that awesome new muscle helps you to burn more fat and calories… so after a potential weight increase, weight will often go down as you are burning more than you were previously to your muscle gains. This up and down and up and down cycle with your weight can feel so discouraging! But really, it means you are on track! We tend to not allow ourselves to believe this though and beat ourselves up for not eating well enough or getting hopeless because there is surely something wrong with us! **NOT TRUE!!**

Are you ready to finally get healthy and feel good about it? Make progress with no guilt or hopelessness? Here are links to my 2 favorite workouts that also include an awesome meal and nutrition system #1 (no weights needed) and #2 (low weights and resistance band) that will get you started on your path that have gotten me results and literally all of my clients results they were looking for. I will walk through it with you, coaching you  along the way (no extra cost to you) to make this a positive experience where you finally overcome your barriers and find the healthiest version of you.

Bye bye scale… hello healthy!


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