H☼T Topics – Sacred Sunday: Why Christians Should Stop Obsessing Over God’s Will

Humans have this obsession with wanting to know what their future holds. We somehow think that this will allow us to better prepare or that it will put our mind at east if we are clued into what is ahead… I think this is a BIG lie from Satan though. God allows us to know exactly what we need to know at exactly the right time.

So… what about God’s will then? Wouldn’t God want us to know what His plans are for us? Doesn’t He want us to follow His path? What if we make the wrong choice about where to live? who to marry? what car to buy? how much to spend on “x”? which career direction to take? how many kids to have? which medical care to get? which route to work? how to allocate money? which church to attend? which ministry to support?

Y’all, the questions could go on and on and on and on…

Here is the funny thing. Do you think God EVER says, “Oh GREAT! What am I going to do now?! She/He chose to take Job C and not Job A! My whole plan for all of time is ruined. What shall I do?!”

I’m guessing that you see the irony in that one… #REALLYhoping…

We can do nothing to ruin God’s plan. He is in full control and sees ALL of the earth’s existence at once because He is not bound by time! Instead of experiencing life as it comes, God sees all of existence as one whole picture. This is a mind-blowing and impossible-to-fully-grasp truth. But… this still may not take away the wondering in the midst of the pressure to make decisions.

Of course we want to choose what is best… and honestly, sometimes what is best may not feel good. I think so many of us believe that if there are bumps in he road or if we experience pain after a decisions, then we did not choose what is God’s will for our life. This can’t be farther from the truth! God never promised us that His plan was pain free… in fact we are essentially guaranteed that it will look quite the opposite of that! We were told to expect pain, trials, and rejection in this life… but also to consider them a blessing.

So what then is our measure for what God’s will really is?? I have ONE word for you…


That’s it.

Of course a loving God would want you to know how to live your life best and to follow His path for you! But this is not so specific and receiving certain memos on key life decisions… the way God has allowed us to be assured we are in His will is by allowing us to know how to best live our life. Scripture is full of commands from God that tell us how humans were made to best live in the world God created. God is the only one qualified to give humans an instruction manual on how we best function… not science… not statistical studies… not anthropologists… God knows what ways humans function best and God wants us to live a life of abundance. So get this…

When we follow God’s will in the small day-to-day stuff… it is IMPOSSIBLE to be outside of His big picture will for our lives.

I share a story with you to illustrate…

I have a dear friend who I know is such a faithful, selfless servant of the Lord. He has been doing phenomenal missions work in Haiti for years now and exhibits the joy of the Lord more than almost anyone I know. A few years ago he did something the world would say is crazy… He met a girl (who was doing missions in Africa) one weekend… they stayed in touch via internet for a couple months… and he ended up flying to Africa to propose to her. Met and married in months. BUT… I had NO reason to believe that this was not truly God’s will for his life because I knew that this man was following HARD after God; every waking hour of his life! How could he be lead astray when he was that intimately walking with the Lord??

When we intimately know God’s word and closely follow His commands, we have FREEDOM of knowing that we are absolutely in His will!

So instead of OBSESSING if we are figuring out God’s will… maybe we should be more focused on our daily obedience and relationship with our Lord. We so often miss the point of Christianity… knowing Christ! We obsess over the tangential things, when if we were to just pursue Jesus, we would be so fulfilled and satisfied with Him that nothing else in this life would really matter!

I don’t know about you, but if I could get to that point in my life… hallelujah!

What area of your life are you struggling with in finding God’s will? What are you thoughts in response to this post? Comment below and let’s seek God’s plan for us together! **AND*** if you are reading this an sensing the need for counsel in this area, visit https://JillianRedefiningWellness.clientsecure.me for a free 20 minute consult to see if working together could give you the freedom you are looking for!


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