H☼T Topics – Tasty Tuesday: Eating Healthy… Why it’s STILL Getting You Nowhere

I could go SO many directions with this…

IN FACT… I think I will! Let’s review 5 reasons why your healthy eating is not getting you the results you are hoping for. My heart goes out to you reader, as I know how frustrating it can be to put in effort and get nothing for it. I have shared a few resources throughout this to help you out! My heart is for you to see change!

#1 You are making right food choices, but you are VERY off on your portion control. Here is the really frustrating part about this… food labels are incredibly deceiving. I have found that the measurements they suggest are woefully off. When it comes to 1/4 or 1/2… these are like under the brim of the measuring cup measurements. NO ONE measures that way… and if you are eye balling it, you are more certainly overshooting. It is so easy to nibble here and there, but at the end of the day healthy calories are still calories. If you are eating more than your body requires, then you will gain weight. You can do an experiment on foods you typically eat! Get a food scale and two dishes. Without the scale, go ahead and pour what you would normally eat, then use the food scale and get the proper portion size using grams… if there is a large disparity, could be a reason why you are not getting anywhere. Don’t want to weigh anything? Click here for an awesome portion control system that I have used myself to stay on track. Sometimes we need to get very focused to learn what we should be eating and then check here and there to make sure we have not lost track!

#2 You don’t realize how much sugar is in your food! Sugar is so abundant in our food. When I go through our semi-annual raw food detox and omit sugar, coming back to some regular foods is a major shock as everything tastes sickeningly sweet! And sugar free alternatives are not a cop out here (we will talk more on that in a bit)… because I am sure that there are all sorts of sneaky sugars in your food! Look at labels for your sauces… cereal/granola… yogurt… milk… dressings… beverages… and bread. We may think something is a lot healthier than it really is! And the tricky thing about sugar is it is super addictive. Don’t believe me? Try not eating ANY of it for 3 days… not up for it?? I’m sure that convenience may be an issue… but your desire for it is a major factor in why you are not willing to give it up! Addictive foods decrease self control. Decreased self control tends to lead to weight gain or lack of progress.

#3 You are ingesting artificial sweeteners and ingredients. We are clued into the fact that these ingredients are not body-friendly right off the bat with these!!! Our body is natural, so why do we think that filling it with artificial things will go over well? Our body does not recognize these artificial ingredients and spends a lot of time and energy toward dealing with them to protect our bodies… time and energy that could be used for burning fat instead! And when the body is maxed out… it stores the extras… in your fat cells! And with all that Diet Coke you are drinking or all that Splenda you are putting in your morning joe… there is no way your body can keep up with all these foreign invaders! We need to eat things our body recognizes for it to be fueled optimally and for it to do what it is supposed to do. We overwhelm our bodies and turn it into a 24/7 detoxification machine that can never keep up with the heaps of toxic junk we give it. Ditch the artificial stuff and see results.

#4 You don’t have fat burning muscle. Burning fat is so much easier to do when you have muscle! Perhaps you are slaving away at the gym doing cardio and eating clean, but you have hit a plateau? You need muscle!! I used to be a cardio queen too and didn’t want to touch a weight… but I found it to be a complete game changer! I got more lean than I ever had in my life after giving strength training a shot. I am so thankful I did and I will never go back. Muscle is key to your progress. Here is what helped get me introduced to strength training (no weights needed), this will step it up a notch, and here is what helped me to get to my peak!

#5 You are not getting enough micro-nutrients. Macros are carbs, protein, fat… micros are all those vitamins and minerals and such! When we do not give our bodies proper nutrients, our bodies are still hungry! We will continue to feel hungry because we have not given our body the food/nutrients it really wants and needs. Sadly, even if you are eating healthy, our agricultural system strips soil of nutrients, which means less nutrients is getting into our food. AND… those vitamins you take are likely having a minimal effect because your body is not fully absorbing them. We need to to get nutrients in a form that our body is familiar with… from food. Annnnnnd we are back to our food being nutrient deficient. SIGH. This is where organic food starts to make sense… but there is no guarantee of the soil quality there either. They also that comes with a big price tag… and the amount of foods we would need to eat to match the nutrients our bodies is quite a bit. For the average person, it is a lot more veggies and fruits than they are willing to eat or feel like they actually can eat in a day! That is why I am a big fan of my superfood protein shake. I find this worth the investment because it is filling, provides all your nutrients in one glass, and is a no-brainer-quick meal… not to mention decreased my sweet tooth and improved my hair and nails AND does not taste chalky!

Which of these do you think you struggle with?? What is your story when it comes to eating healthy, losing weight, or trying to get leaner? Let’s figure out what can help you to finally get results and find victory in this area of your life.


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