H☼T Topics – Sacred Sunday: Rethinking the Marriage Debate

Wow. Yesterday was FULL of preparations for our Raw Food Detox. We do a 7 day detox of eating only raw foods (basically fruits, veggies, nuts, oils, vinegars, herbs) twice a year, and the preparations can be quite involved. I made something for every day of the week yesterday… and it took WAY more time than expected.

WHICH… is why this post is a day late. I apologize… but I did not want to just scrap the content because it’s a wee bit behind schedule. So let’s pretend it’s Sunday together and talk about the subject at hand…

The Marriage “Debate”

Sadly, the media is often portraying Christians in a way that is a bit audacious. In fact, I am not sure that all those who are being portrayed as Christians are really followers of Christ. Christian essentially means Christ follower… Let’s be clear, Christian certainly does not simply mean church goer. I could attend any religion’s service and it would not make me a follower… I would simply be there. I cannot judge individual souls, however, that is only God’s job and I dare not enter into that role. All this being said, there are, unfortunately, some Christ followers who are not always following Christ as closely in certain areas of life (I have been there myself… still am) and the testimony they give warps the true view of Christ and our faith.

So, the way Christians are seen is partially true and partially sensationalized. And with Satan’s hopes to deceive the masses… I am sure that this trend will continue.

So when it comes to marriage… this is a topic that society sees Christians as being “up in arms about” or “fighting ruthlessly” or “so intolerant.” This is partially true and partially not true. I am not here to discuss this “debate” at large, but wanting to call the Christian community to consider a few things in relation to this subject. And non-Christians, please read along… hopefully you find this refreshing.

Yes. Marriage is sacred and created by God. It is a beautiful thing. A blessing. A beautiful picture of Christ and the Church.

But… BUT… this (marriage) is something that is only grasped by those who know Christ. The things of God are not known by those without the filling of the Holy Spirit. In other words… people who are not Christians are not going to… not able to… see this and understand it. We simply cannot place God’s marriage expectations on them! We cannot be surprised when they do not choose God’s law… they do not love or cherish it. They will choose the ways of the world… because they are the world. We can still honor and stand up for God’s law but we don’t have to unlovingly tell people they are leading toward the destruction of society. Where is this in the Bible? SO glad you asked…

“And we impart this in words not taught by human wisdom but taught by the Spirit, interpreting spiritual truths to those who are spiritual. The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is NOT ABLE to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.” 1 Corinthians 2:13-14

Now, CAREFUL… this is not an elitist comment. By the GRACE of God… no power of our own… are we able to understand anything of Him. Those who do not seek and follow after God are simply not able to understand spiritually based wisdom. We need to stop expecting them to understand. And if someone does not understand something, they certainly should not be expected to follow after it!

So… instead of responding in frustration and fear (“for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control” 2 Timothy 1:7), we should respond in compassion. We should respond by administering grace, mercy, and the Gospel… not a bunch of “shoulds” and statements of fear for what society will become. When we communicate these things, we show a lack of trust in our God… we show a lack of faith that He is in control.We communicate that we don’t love people regardless of their choices (like God loves US).

Brothers and sisters, our mindset needs to be eternally focused. The world will become more worldly… let’s address the eternal concerns and administer the love of Christ (which does include speaking truth). BUT… We cannot just show up in frustration on the media when things in society steer off God’s moral path. We need to be IN society helping to guide its path and building into those who do not yet know Him. THAT will be far more effective and any (seemingly) “political” campaign. And to the world, this IS a political issue and they are NOT ABLE to see it as a spiritual issue… because to them is simply isn’t.

Beyond this. I think we also need to take care to protect the marriages within our churches. If we think marriage is so sacred, are we showing that through our own behavior and conduct? Are we being physically AND emotionally AND mentally faithful? Are we only looking to our spouse for ALL sexual fulfillment? Men are you loving your wife as Christ loved the church… giving Himself up for her? Women are you submitting to your husband, letting him be the leader of your home? Is your marriage the #1 human relationship in your life… even before your children? Are we truly working through our difficulties instead of distancing ourselves or pursuing divorce? Are we walking alongside couples in need of help to restore their broken marriages? Let’s SHOW society that we value marriage by ACTUALLY doing it God’s way. This will let them see its beauty… marriage as God intended… and this will glorify God. And when God is glorified, people get interested because his glory is awe inspiring and genuinely alluring.

All in all… when it comes to Christians, let’s follow and encourage brothers and sisters to follow God’s laws. When it comes to non-believers, understand that God’s laws are not their chosen priority… expecting them to live that way just doesn’t make sense. Don’t get angry, don’t condemn… serve and love them where they are and show them Christ in your actions.

So, what are your thoughts in response to this post? Hot topic? Definitely. Let’s continue this conversation and see where the Lord leads!


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