H☼T Topics – Workout Wednesday: Why I’m NOT “All About That Bass”

I am going to be so bold to say that MOST of you have heard the song “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor. If you have not… Google it… and then good luck NOT getting it stuck in your head!

I will not deny that the tune is super catchy and easy to dance too… but as you can tell from my title… I’m not a big fan. Now that being said… I do not know Meghan Trainor’s full heart behind creating this song and I choose to believe that she had very good intentions (remember friends… “love hopes all things…”), but there is just something I cannot seem to let go of when considering this song’s message… and it became solidified when I watched the video.

And no worries… I will tie it into the Workout Wednesday theme!

The song references girls with “all the right junk, in all the right places” and then “stick figure Barbie dolls” aka “skinny b*!&%es.” I will be honest to say that I do not believe I fit in either category. Perhaps this is part of the issue I have with this song, but I do not believe I or many other women would feel accepted by either group. Now, this post is not SO self-absorbed that my view of this song would be about myself, I just find it interesting that this is so black and white and very simplistic and exclusive.

Image result for women are more than just bodiesSkinny b*!&%es… sigh. Calling women that are skinny a derogatory term and then laughingly apologizing in the next line troubles me (“I know your think you’re fat… but every inch of your is perfect…”. A good save but… Why do we have to compare? Why do we have to make body size, type, or condition a competition? Why do we focus on what guys prefer to “hold at night?” I believe the point of this song was to allow women to feel the freedom to be a “larger” size and to forget the unrealistic standard put out by the media; encouraging women to feel beautiful in their own skin… but what about the skinny girls? What about the women who aren’t “bringing boot back?”

There are MANY reasons women are skinny. Some of them are very tragic… some of them are out of their control. I personally had a parasite at one point of my life and got down to 97 pounds. I ate and ate and ate and could NOT gain back the weight for a while until my body finally bounced back… I did not want to look that way, but I did. Was their something detestable about me? Was I completely undesirable? According to these lyrics… perhaps I would have… perhaps I should have thought that. Honestly, after watching the music video… I would have definitely felt that.

Other reasons for skinniness are mental disorders, physical illnesses, genetic dispositions, vanity, falling prey to false photoshopped standards, poverty, medication side effects, hormone imbalance… I could continue. We don’t know why someone is skinny and honestly… the reason they are is no reason to shame them. Fat shaming is ABSOLUTELY wrong… so is skinny shaming!

So bringing it back to Workout Wednesday…

Can we stop comparing and arguing over what is better? Can we please just pursue what is HEALTHY? There are all sorts of shapes and sizes that can be considered healthy! And someone super skinny can be just as unhealthy as someone who is super overweight. Let’s pursue healthfulness… let’s use our bodies as they were created to be used! In modern day society, that means that we have to be intentional about being fit. When we take care of our bodies and are the best version of our selves, there is no need to compare our bodies to others. When we support each other in this journey, this further kills the need to compare and we instead celebrate each other’s health victories!

Are you ready to stop shaming yourself? Are you ready to pursue being healthy instead of being a certain body type? Click one of the links below to get registered for my next online bootcamp that I will be hosting with multiple fitness professionals and enthusiasts, or you can email me at JillianRedefiningWellness@gmail.com to get more information to see if this is right for you! This will be an extremely supportive and celebrative community that will celebrate your victories over the 3 weeks we dedicate to getting on track with our health. Once you get your workout, I will be sure to reach out and give you your free consultation and help you prep for bootcamp on JULY 25th!!

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Let’s be all about that health; together.



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