New Monday News!

I honestly have never experienced time move so fast! The past 4 weeks have been a complete whirlwind of chaos… But thankfully… the GOOD kind of chaos.

I have been working and busy and pressed and productive and booked and extactic and exhausted and pumped and joyful and stretched and … … … Well, I think you get the general gist of what I’m trying to express!

Unfortunately all that is going on behind the scenes, all the hardwork, hours spent, and heart given… None of it has really been reflected on my business platforms. And my fear is that you all think I have grown lazy, lax, and less serious.

But I assure you it is the exact opposite of this!

I have never been more serious about Jillian Redefining Wellness than I am right now! Here is why…

#1 My hubby and I bought our first home! We were fully moved in June 1st and have completely changed our lives with this move! Besides the obvious of becoming homeowners AND seeing our savings FLY out the window… We have completely removed ourselves from the Chicagoland suburbs and settled in a more rural community. So beautiful and more than we could have dreamed possible for our first house. We were abundantly provided for by God with a short sale and so…

#2 We have been putting in a lot of work! The big move, setting up the house, CLEANING (my arch nemesis), getting carpet, painting (, church searching, and more! Not to mention the 8 hours cleaning our previous apartment to get that security deposit! Not much relaxing time at our disposal… But such is this season in our life. And speaking of not much time…

#3 My drive to my current full-time job is 60+ miles, taking between 70 and 90 minutes depending on Chicago’s infamous traffic. Obviously this is a large time sink and therefore…

… … … … … … … … … … …

#4 I gave notice that I am quitting my job. (>.<)

This is still sinking in people.

I LOVE my current job. I LOVE my kids at my current job. BUT I love my God more and so I have learned to listen to His calling and trust in the plans He has for me because they are much better.

However, being a good clinician and providing ethical, quality care to my clients is important to me… So I will slowly cut back at work to end well and provide services until my replacement is found. But come late-August…

… !!! … !!! … !!! … !!! … !!! …

(This is the BIGGEST part!)

#5 I will be working for Jillian Redefining Wellness FULL TIME!

I am beyond excited to put my FULL effort into this business! I have already started offering online therapy services and will be increasing my caseload come August 21st! Grab your spot today at…

My heart mourns the loss of what was but greatly rejoices in what is ahead! I can only imagine the growth possible by working full-time in my personal business AND the impact I can have to help future clients grow and become the best version of themselves!

One year after starting this business venture and my life is completely changed… And I am thrilled because my life being changed is for the good of others and their lives being changed! What a blessing.

I would love to hear your thoughts and see what ways you think I could serve my clients and followers best!


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