WOAH. June?!

First, I would like to apologize for being MIA for a couple weeks.

This is surely not the desire of my heart, but recent life events have resulted in my blog not receiving the love and attention I would like to give it… which means I have not given my readers the love and attention you all deserve. I am truly sorry. I hope you can understand and think back to times in your life that you were required to be 100% present to the many demands you faced.

And I am very excited to be sharing with you all that has been transpiring and changing and building and growing and brewing and goin’ on… but it will not all come out for a couple of weeks! HANG IN THERE!

Jillian Redefining Wellness is what I believe I have been lead to do by God and I have a strong passion and drive to make it into the full version of what I envision. Everything in my life is aligning toward that end. One thing I can share is the part of my vision to extend of online therapy services!

I have written about E-Therapy a few times on this blog (click here! OR here! AND here!) … so you know that I am in full support of the great benefits and opportunities this offers people in need of therapeutic support. I am thrilled to now be scheduling clients. I am starting out my case load at 11 per week… spots will fill quickly! If you live in the state of Illinois or know of someone who does that could benefit from online therapy services, please utilize the following web address:


You can schedule a free 20 minute consultation to see if online therapy is for you! Mention my blog and you will get 20% off your first session!


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