MAYday! “I am eating healthy but NO results…”

I hear so many people say this.

But what exactly is “healthy”?

There are a myriad of products out there that people consider to be healthy, but are truly not. And I cannot tell you how many people I have spoken to (women and men) that have an idea that eating healthy means calorie restriction… down to even 1200 calories a day! This is not healthy and not going to help you reach any weight loss or health related goals.

So why is it so difficult to decipher what is truly healthy? We are so impacted by the media… advertisements… fad diets… AND… we are so lazy.

Yup. LAZY. We want to pursue something that is the easiest route to our means. So instead of doing research, seeking out help, and making an effort to prepare and plan ahead… we simply buy into what we are told is healthy or decide to restrict.

I was certainly guilty of thinking I could eat whatever as long as it was within my calorie budget. I lived this way for many years, and had decent results… but my genetics set me up for that, as well as, dedication to high amounts of exercise. BUT, I finally have learned that what is said to be healthy is NOT always healthy… and there is a lot more to weight management than calories.

Now, I am not a nutritionist, but I am someone who has been to many seminars, am friends with people in this line of work, and a believer by experience. I choose to take the time to educate myself and make sure I am informed because I want to do what is best for my body. And now that I have found ways to increase my metabolism, reduce the cottage cheesey look from stored fat, and maintain a healthy weight, I feel the need to share this information because it could allow others to get similar results.

And I don’t know about you… but anyway I can find to be able to eat more… I’m all over it!

So let me give you a list of foods that SO many people believe are healthy, but often are derailing your weight loss or management efforts…

  • Whole wheat products – Whole wheat is by no means something healthy. It is better than bleached flours, but what you want to look for is whole GRAIN. Whole grain means less processing… whole wheat means it is all made of wheat. When somethign is whole grain, your body has to work harder to break it down… aka natural calorie burning.
  • Granola – SooOooOOoOooOo much sugar can be hidden in granola! Oatmeal is a much better bang for your calorie buck than granola.
  • Yogurt – Another violator of ridiculous sugar counts, not to mention, a whole slew of artificial ingredients. If you are going with yogurt, go for plain Greek to limit sugar, bump protein, and then add in your own healthy flavors.
  • Avocados – Yes, healthy… but that does not mean eat a cup of guacamole along with your tacos. A serving of avocado is ONE QUARTER. There is a lot of (good) fat, and those cals add up.
  • Nuts – Another healthy fat… but if you are pounding nuts or nut butters, you will pack on calories fast as well. One almond is about 10 calories… 10 and you are already at 100… Portion control!
  • Salad dressing – This is another portion control disaster. It is meant to dress your salad… it’s not called salad drenching! Some dressings contain a ton of fat and cals. It’s all about balance here. Don’t let it sabotage your veggies!
  • Smoothies – Delish, yes. Full of nutrients, sure. But all full of sugar. I know that it is natural sugar, but it adds up quick. Plus, liquid calories go down quicker and tend to fool you into thinking you haven’t really eaten much. I’m not saying they are off limits, but make sure you realize how much you are truly eating.
  • Handcrafted Coffees – Syrup/flavor pumps are 70 per pump… add in whipped cream, dairy; it adds up. And sugar free is not necessarily ideal (more later).
  • Bagels – Bagels are a mondo carb source that are not filling and deceptive. Most bakery bagels are going to run you around 400 calories… and that is before all your schmear 😉
  • Trail mix – This is another “healthy” option that is deceptive. The water is removed from the fruit (sugars left over), nuts are calorie dense, and those little sweet morsels in there add up. Is it better than cookies? Sure… but it is easy to overeat!
  • Cheese – This will often be cited as a good source of protein, but it is more heavy on fat and another food that is extremely difficult to control portion size. often times the cheese we top our sandwiches, burgers, tacos, pasta, etc… is wayyyy more than recommended.
  • Upscale Fast Food (Panera, Chipotle/Qdoba, Jersey Mikes, Potbelly’s) – There is an idea that upscale fast food is healthy simply because it is not a grease pit. Even though the food may be more real, it is unreal the amount of calories that can be packed into these entrees. Chipotle burritos will run you at least 1000 calories. You want your Jersey Mike’s sub “Mike’s Way”? Add nearly 1000 calories just from their oil and vinegar dressing!
  • Sugar free foods – We thought we had the key to weight loss here! I was a believer. But then I learned what these foods do to our bodies! Our body doesn’t know what these foreign objects are and spend time and energy detoxifying our blood instead of putting energy toward burning fat. THEN… it stores these foreign objects in a protected bubble (lamen’s terms!) in the midst of our fat cells! BOOM, increase in fat mass. Leave these artificial sugars out and let your body actually focus on fat burning!
  • Nitrate laden foods – Nitrates allow fat to keep from breaking down and going bad in food. Soooooooo… how do you think it effects the fat in YOUR body???
  • Processed foods – Again… foreign objects and objects meant to preserve… Our bodies are meant to process food. Let your body process it instead of a machine.
  • Alcohol – Many think a few drinks is benign… no biggie. This is pure sugar people. We already eat more carbs than our bodies truly need… so why drink so many more? So many people THROW AWAY their hard work all week (eating clean and exercising) all to get their fix of alcohol. Is it really worth it??

Which of these foods are a regular part of your diet? Are you surprised by any of these? If you are tired of not seeing results or have questions about this post, please fill out the contact form so we can chat about how you can start making progress today. Feel free to post comments too about any foods I may have missed or your reactions and thoughts to the content.


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