April Analysis: Ebates… a.k.a. Free $$

Nothing is free… or is it????

When it comes to shopping online, I never simply go to a website and make a purchase.


I scour the internet for the best deals for at least a week before finally making my purchase… and I want to share with you something that is almost ALWAYS a part of my online purchasing process. I am not 100% sure how or why this is available or what the payoffs are for participating sites… I”m just glad to keep more of my money and put it toward productive purchases.


This is seriously a no-brainer. Go to their site. Search for your store or product. Check out the list of all available coupons that store/company is currently offering AND get a set percentage amount back. It is AMAZING how much you end up saving over time… they keep track of it for you too! They will either send you a physical check in the mail OR transfer the money into your PayPal account. WIN. There is no membership fee, purchase requirements, or sneaky stipulations. JUST GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

And it is not just weird, obscure stores… get money back from:
Target, Kohls, Amazon, Best Buy, drugstore.com, Priceline, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Under Armour, Columbia… etc!

There are over 1800 stores to choose from! Clothes, travel, decoration, furniture, accessories, toiletries, diapers, make-up, vitamins, entertainment, electronics, toys… you name it! Sign up today and start saving your money!

Click here to sign up!


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