April Analysis – My Fave Workout DVDs

Since June of 2016, I have been partnering with Team INSPIRE and BeachBody (makers of P90X and Insanity). I decided that it was time for me to take my love of fitness to the next level and use my passion and potential to influence in a way that would help inspire others to reach their goals. Why not pursue something I love as a part of my career?

But, when it comes to encouraging others to join me and spend their hard earned cash on products and coaching, I want to make sure they are going to get something I find is worth my money too. I would NEVER ask someone to purchase something I do not firmly believe in. My husband and I sacrifice greatly to live a simplistic lifestyle that allows us to build a secure future for whatever God brings our way AND to give generously.

So when it comes to my partnership with BeachBody and utilizing their products in my online bootcamps, I am very choosy and purposeful in what I promote. The following are MUSTS for anything I endorse:

  • Worth the money invested… this means that there is not only a short term benefit, but long term as well.
  • No need for tons of equipment… I want to be able to workout at home without having to spend a lot more money or take up a ton of space in my home (currently a 600 sq. ft. apartment).
  • Delivers results… what is the point if there are no gains??? This means not only a tool for weight loss, but also a tool for becoming stronger for those who are not seeking out workouts to lose weight.
  • Translatable to people at different levels of fitness… No two people are alike. Everyone is in a different place and a workout that caters to all levels is critical.


That has had me arrive at my two FAVES…

PiYO and 21 Day Fix Extreme (or 21 Day Fix for beginners)

Both of these workout series have loaded up my workout move arsenal and have allowed me to stay fit, not only while running bootcamps, but by choosing different moves from the DVDs and creating my own workouts for the gym. I have had multiple people come up to me at the gym and comment on the quality of my workouts… everything is accredited to my BeachBody workouts!

Let’s break them down…


This is a combination of pilates (pi) and yoga (yo)… but it keeps you in continuous motion, so there is an element of cardio. There is no equipment needed… unless you have wood floors… then you need a yoga mat! This workout REALLY surprised me. It was the first one I tried and I was leery of making significant gains. But I could tell that I got definition in ALL areas of my body; especially my abs and glutes. I LOVE the longest workout on the DVD and come back to it all the time because it is a great workout AND relaxing all at the same time. I am able to incorporate moves from the 10 different workouts that came with my Challenge Pack, for days that I workout in the gym. I love that you are using your body to strengthen your body. If you have a small space to workout, you can do PiYo. It comes with a 2 month workout calendar, as well, so it builds you up and systematically works different parts of your body. There are also modifications of the moves you can follow, so all levels can be accommodated. This is a low impact exercise, as well, so people who have concerns with their joints need not worry. Chalene Johnson leads the workouts and she is a sweet woman who does a nice job of guiding you through workouts without being obnoxious or making you want to scream at the screen! This is a great way to get lean, build muscle, and just feel good while working out; instead of feeling like you are beating yourself up. It is great for building a fitness base and maintaining strength and flexibility.

21 Day Fix Extreme

This workout is considered “extreme” because the moves are a bit more intense and really push you to build lean, carved out muscles. There were many times I was yelling from pain… you know… the hurts so good kind! You only need one (or two) set(s)of smaller weights (I use only  pounds, they suggest getting a lower and higher set though) and a resistance band. These items are cheap and can be picked up at Target. This workout cycles between 7 different exercises that you repeat for three weeks, including: plyometrics (“plyos” or jump training), upper body, pilates (with a resistance band), lower body, cardio, full body, and yoga (restful day). They are 30 minutes long and are quick, intense, and engaging. There is also an additional 10 minutes ab workout they suggest you do three times a week. IT BURNS! I learned so much about how to strengthen my body through this workout and love utilizing low weights with high reps. I use 5 pound weights and have made gains without bulk. And even though you are doing the same workouts for 3 weeks, it is a fun challenge. The first week is fresh, the second week you improve, and the third week you feel as though there is some mastery. It is a great resource to get you back on track quickly! AND I haven’t even started talking about the meal planning/containers that come with it!! Counting calories is no fun… but portion control is super important. I LOVE the color coding containers that make it easy to stay on track with eating. There are also recipes that have container conversions which is great for making dinner. I felt SO FULL all week and got lean. It is amazing what gains you can make by just focusing on what you put in your body. I love this focused and efficient workout series because it fits a busy life style well. In and out in 30 minutes. Work all areas of the body. Get results.

21 Day Fix

This is another great workout series, however, it is more for people who are starting out in fitness. The level of intensity is not as “extreme,” so it is more of an approachable workout series for the majority of those looking to get into fitness. You still address all areas of the body, just like in 21 Day Fix Extreme, and can make significant progress. I am used to hitting my workouts pretty hard, so I simply prefer the Extreme version, but for those looking to start working out or get back into it, this would be a great place to start and then eventually move onto the Extreme version. It utilizes the same eating plan as well, so you can make great gains (muscles) and losses (weight or body fat [if necessary… you can maintain a healthy weight doing this as well])!

BeachBody is a great company that empowers regular people, like me, to get out there and become the fittest version of themselves. They inspire you to be the best version of yourself and then to pass on that passion to others. The coaching opportunity is a blessing because it allows you to help others improve their quality of life and give you benefits as well (discounts and ability to earn income and passive income). In today’s society, we place a lot of value on doing something that you love. I love fitness, and love that I can do this as my job. I am committed to helping others reach their highest quality of life and this is simple another outlet to do that. I am looking for more coaches to join me and impact others to become the best version of themselves. Please contact me if you are interested in joining me in this journey!

ALSO!! I will be hosting a 21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme Online Bootcamp starting MAY 1ST, 2016! This is your chance to try out these workouts and get FREE coaching along the way. In the last two bootcamps I ran, everyone who stuck to the program made gains… and even those who someone stuck to it made some improvements (got to be honest!). Email me to get information on how to sign up. The links above are set up to sign you up as well, so if you would like to purchase your workout now, feel free and then email me at JillianRedefiningWellness@gmail.com to confirm you are in! You can comment below as well if you are interested.

(Only good for May 1st, 2016 Bootcamp)


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