Lies We Believe – Wrapping Up the Series…

I truly am sorry to see this series end. Writing these posts has reminded me of the pain and turmoil so many people endure on a daily basis because they allow themselves to believe things that simply are not true… OR they are simply missing out on opportunities to enrich their lives.

AND… before anyone thinks that I am elevating myself above anyone… I am JUST AS PRONE to falling for these lies and HAVE fallen to these lies before. Our mind can easily fall prey to ideas that we renounced in the past… even if we “learned our lesson.” With so many others believing lies and temporary circumstances, those lies we believed before can become believable again! Our mind has to be renewed DAILY. We have to remind ourselves of the truth DAILY, otherwise we will easily fall into old patterns of thinking… those old patterns fuel the lies.

So how to we protect our minds?? Here are some realistic tips that you can pursue to make sure that you do not fall prey to the lies that can send us down the wrong path.

  • Refuse to fill your mind with content that is contrary to the truth.
    • This could be certain… movies, shows, magazines, social media profiles, radio stations, songs, books, pictures, people, substances
  • Purposely fill your mind with the truth
    • Your mind will dwell on what you fill it with!!
    • For Christians, this means reading Scripture is so important (preaching to myself as well!!)
  • Determine what lie is tripping you up and come up with specific phrases to tell yourself when the lie creeps into your pattern of thinking.
    • STOP the thought. Tell yourself the truth phrase.
  • Have someone that is good at confrontation check in with you
    • You don’t want a friend who will pardon you or rationalize your actions… you need someone who will call a spade a spade.
    • When lies are exposed, it is harder to keep them alive.
  • Write down the lesson you learned.
    • Have documented proof of the lie and the pain it caused. You can even list how you were tricked into believing the lie!
    • If you fell to it once, you are likely to be prone to this lie… give yourself some ammunition to fight it off the next time it comes around.
  • Not sure what lies you are believing? Ask someone to (gently) tell you what areas of your life you seem to struggle in.
  • Don’t allow yourself to believe the lie that you are faultless and have the right perspective on every situation in your life!

Thank you all for following this series and for taking positive steps toward pursuing the truth… not because it is EASY… but because it is RIGHT. I have included links to all the previous posts in this series. Please feel free to review and comment below with your thoughts, opinions, questions, and/or insights!

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