Lies We Believe – Tasty Tuesday: All Calories Are Equal

As I am writing these posts for this series, I am realizing that I was once a believer of many, if not all, of these lies so many of us believe. My heart is to shed light on truth that I was SO thankful to learn and understand. Today’s lie was one I DEFINITELY believed and would even preach (sigh…)! But it is dead wrong and I ended up learning that the hard way.

I always thought as long as your input of calories equaled your output of calories, you would not gain weight… and if input exceeded output, then you would gain weight… and in output exceeded input, then you would lose weight. While this is generally correct, is simply is not that simple.

There are SO many factors that come into play when we talk about what we choose to eat. What we fuel our body with determines its performance. Some of those performance factors are… metabolism, hormones, regularity, energy, blood sugar,detoxification, etc… These can all effect our bodies’ abilities to process what we eat properly.

I learned this when I ran one of my bootcamps that involved superfood protein/nutrition shakes, an easy to follow meal planning system (with specialized containers) and workouts.

I was already in good shape and did not want to lose any weight, in fact, I was planning on gaining weight from adding on muscle. My meal plan cut out artificial sweeteners, processed foods, and decreased fat and carbs. I was still eating about the same amount of calories. I GOT SHRED in just 3 weeks. SERIOUSLY… all of a sudden my abs started poking through, I lost body fat, and increased muscle mass. I couldn’t believe the changes that happened in just 3 weeks!

Since I did not have the weight to lose, I realized that this was something I needed to be careful about pursuing. I needed to eat MORE calories and MORE fat. But just simple changes in my diet created results I had never seen and in a very short order. (Thankfully this was right before the holidays…sooooo adding weight during my 5 year anniversary cruise was NOT a problem! LOL)

This was not my only learning experience. My hubby and I started pursuing a Raw Food Detox twice a year (January and July). During this week we eat nothing that has been cooked… this means lots of fruits, veggies, and nuts. We eat WELL above our normal calorie level during this week and we lose weight every time. There is just something about eating real food that allows our bodies to function better.

Think about it… so many of us put items in our bodies that were not designed for the human body to consume. I know… I sound extreme… and I used to think that SAME thing… what are these additives, preservatives, dyes, artificial sweeteners… going to do to me?? So many of these products are called “diet” or “low calorie” foods that are supposed to help with weight loss and management. Sadly, this is a LIE.

When our body is busy trying to figure out what to do with all these foreign objects, it gets distracted from doing its other jobs. Do you think your body is more worried about detoxifying itself or burning fat? OF COURSE our body will cleanse itself before it starts addressing how much fat it is storing.

Do you want your body to focus on burning fat or detox?? I would hope you would say BOTH… but obviously, many of us want our body to be burning away the stored fat. If that is the case… STOP adding toxins into your body!

Are you ready to see what changes you could make to your body in just 3 weeks by embracing the idea of eating whole, unprocessed foods? Would you like to flood your body with the nutrients it needs to get back on track so you can start losing the weight you’ve been saying you should shed? Let’s connect to get you started on the path. Doing this alone is a way to end up defeated and unwilling to try again. I will walk this path with you, help you, educate, motivate, and keep you accountable. I have so enjoyed helping people make lifestyle changes that have allowed them to move closer to getting the body and quality of life they have been seeking.

Click here to pursue the program I mentioned previously or email me at to ask any questions you may have about this topic or getting started!


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