Lies We Believe – Workout Wednesday: Cardio is King

If there were a King Cardio back a year or so ago, I would have been his #1 supporter.

I was all about running and getting in AT LEAST 6 miles of running, 5 times a week. The idea of allotting time for some other type of exercise, even stretching, was just not an option for me. I truly believed that I would sacrifice calorie burn if I did anything but running.

I have been able to maintain my weight well, ever since I learned some basic nutrition facts. But I was more about calories burned vs. calories consumed. I knew that with the running regiment I maintained, I could eat about 1800 calories weekdays and 2000 on the weekends. I spent a lot of time running, which I enjoyed, but neglected to prioritize strength training. I didn’t really care though because I figured with the amount of time I have to dedicate to working out, adding in strength training would be a loss… not worth it…

You see… I LOVE to eat. And with all the marvelous things this world has to offer, my petite 5’4″ body is NOT made for this scrumptious society. So the idea of trading time from running (or comparable cardio)… which I thought was THE exercise (hence KING reference), was just not going to happen because I couldn’t imagine having to eat less.


It is May of 2015 and I am seriously considering my professional future and the idea of pursuing multiple streams of incomes seems to be the next step in “adulting.” Also, I realized that if I want to some day have children… it is time to build up my ab strength and muscle NOW because I would not be able to start new exercises once I would be expecting. I was following someone’s journey with her online businesses and her partnership with BeachBody intrigued me. Joining Team INSPIRE was something I saw as a great business opportunity and the motivation I needed to finally be holistically fit… BUT… this would open up a whole new means of exercise to me. I would need to incorporate strength training into my workout routines and the amount of time available for running would be decreased.


I know that I burn 85 calories a mile… I had NO idea how much I would burn doing strength training. I was completely unsure of how my body would need to be fueled and figured I would have to sacrifice the amount of food I ate.

I WAS WRONG… and not just WRONG… but DEAD WRONG.

I ended up finding out that I needed to eat MORE. Less time… more food? WIN! Not to mention, more tone and shaping, clothes fitting better, lower body fat, and finally feeling strong. I had no idea that feeling strong could be so encouraging and empowering!

I kicked cardio off of its throne and strength training has taken its place!

I still LOVE running, and make sure to fit it in my workout routine, but I have a new love now that I cannot believe I pushed off for so long. But the reason I pushed it off was because I did not have the necessary information to dive in. THAT is where Team INSPIRE came in. The bootcamps I ran gave me the know-how, structure, and commitment I needed to discover the many benefits of strength training. I want YOU to have these same resources at your finger tips.

It’s time for you to crown a new king in your fitness routine. Forget hours of cardio… let’s put focused, efficient, quality time into building your strength and stamina via the next…

 Team INSPIRE 7 Day Bikini Bootcamp!
It starts April 4th

This is specifically for women who are serious about slimming down for summer, gaining more energy, strengthening your midsection, and saving time with effective workouts. You will gain hundreds of dollars worth of high level training and resources. It’s only $35 and will include workouts, meal replacement samples via my partnership with Beachbody, and a super effective sample meal plan.

Leave your email below if you would like to join OR email me at


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