Lies We Believe – Mental Health Monday: Talking to a Counselor/Therapist Won’t Help Me

I think it is safe to say that the previous negative stigma associated with counseling and therapy is decreasing… finally! However, there is still this air of being strong enough or not wanting to spend money on just talking to someone. Please know that it is a complete lie that counseling and therapy is of no help to its clients… If this were the case, why would the field exist? Why would the field be growing? Why would stigma be dying?

Readers… as a Licensed Professional Counselor… I can tell you with 100% certainty…

  1. I did not go to school for 3 years to learn how to just talk to people.
  2. I do not treat my clients and friends the same… AT ALL… if I did, I wouldn’t have friends (LOL).
  3. Counseling and therapy is as effective as you want it to be. If you are ready to change, your life will start a new trajectory.
  4. You don’t know everything. Counseling/Therapy helps to reveal the missing puzzle pieces that you have either been looking for OR you may not even know they exist yet.
  5. I am sure that your money has been spent on things that have been less than helpful to your quality of life (#splurge #impulsebuy).

Okay, before I get carried away with my list, let’s have a more in depth look.

Surely, as a counselor/therapist I am going to believe in the work that I do. But… I can also speak from experience of RECEIVING counseling as well. When I was in college, I was struggling with trusting others and having hope for positive outcomes in my future in terms of relationships (all kinds). I was extremely jaded. I knew this was not the right mindset, but that was all I could come up with on my own… so I sought out help. And I am SO glad I did. My sessions helped to reveal things I never realized I truly thought or believed. They helped me to look at things from a different perspective. They helped me to better utilized my free time, so that I was working on improving myself outside of sessions. And best of all, it restored my peace, hope, and focus.

Why did my life suddenly shift? Because I was investing in myself in one area, so it overflowed into other areas. Are you going to spend time at the gym and then eat pizza, ice cream, cake, burgers, fries, and candy all week? Are you going to get married and then peace our every weekend with people of the opposite sex? Are you going to buy a bunch of food at the grocery store and then let it rot? OF COURSE NOT.

When you invest time and money into something, you will align other areas of your life to uphold those investments so that your investment is not null and void. THAT is when true progress is made. Continuing to strive after those issues that just don’t go away, all on your own, just doesn’t make sense… your track record with solving those issues is not good. If something isn’t changing… you need to change how you are addressing it.

I know that you can go to your general practice physician and spend money on medications. (By the way… counseling/therapy PLUS medication is proved to be the best mental health practice… but counseling/therapy first! AND why spend money on something that gives you negative side effects… Counseling/therapy has positive side effects instead!)

I know that you can grin and bear it… suck it up… white knuckle it… and struggle through. (Isn’t this exhausting though? Maybe even feeding your depressive and anxious feelings?)

I know you don’t have the money for this or the time in your schedule. (What is more valuable than your mental well-being… without a sound mind, your life CANNOT function optimally… You are likely wasting time and money if you are not functioning at your best!)

I know you think that asking for help is admitting you are not strong. (It actually means that you are brave enough to fight this and finally take back your life!)

I am sure you still have questions and doubts. I would love to schedule a time to talk with you about your questions, fears, concerns, and needs in regard to counseling/therapy. I will soon be scheduling clients for this summer, when I will be launching the E-Therapy leg of my business. I am excited to open up this service to my followers, readers, and anyone looking to improve their quality of life.

EMAIL ME AT to ask about these services or to get your name on my waiting list. Please feel free to refer others to me as well!


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